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Week 7 13.07.20

Week 7

Good morning Hazel class,


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


It’s the last week of term! Well done to all of you for working so hard (a big thank you to your parents too!)


We hope you all have a fabulous summer holiday. Be good, be kind and keep smiling!


Lots of love Mrs Grady & Ms Shepherd xx


This week we are continuing to look at alternative spellings for phonemes.

Monday: Today we are looking at the phoneme ‘ear’ and the alternative spellings for this sound. Read the ‘ear phoneme spotter’ and see how many different graphemes you can find for the ‘ear’ phoneme.

Look out for these graphemes: ‘ear’, ‘ere’, ‘eer’, ier’.

Tuesday: Today we will continue to look at the alternative spellings for the ‘ear’ phoneme. Can you sort my list of words into the correct columns?

Wednesday: Today is ‘air’ and the alternative spellings for this sound such as ‘wear’, ‘rare’, ‘where’ and ‘their’. These words have the same ‘air’ sound but are spelt with an ‘ear’, ‘are’, ‘ere’ or ‘eir’.


Have a go at the ‘air’ phoneme spotter story. How many different graphemes can you find for the ‘air’ phoneme?

Thursday: Practise reading these sentences that contain various spellings of the ‘air’ phoneme. Can you spot them?


Play DJ Cow's Phonics Finder game. Choose any phoneme and find all the words to see DJ Cow do his disco thing!



Activity One

Memories from Year 1

Although we haven’t all been together as a class in school for some time, we thought it would be a nice idea to think back to our time together in Year 1. Spend some time thinking and talking with your grown-up about your favourite memories from Year 1 (look through our class page on the website to refresh your memory). Use the sheet below to write and draw those memories.


Here are my memories and Ms Shepherd's.

Activity Two

Say hello to Mrs Ferguson and Year 2!

Mrs Ferguson is really looking forward to having you all in Willow class. Complete the sheet below so Mrs Ferguson gets to know a little bit more about you. If you complete this at home you can email it to us and we can pass it to Mrs Ferguson.

Activity Three

LI: What’s going on?

Watch this short video with a grown-up. Before you press ‘play’ do you know what might happen in the video based on the image?

After you’ve watched the video, talk through the following with your grown-up.

  • Do you recognise any of the animals?
  • How do the animals move? 
  • What do you think the animals are doing?
  • How and why do animals (including humans) move differently?


And finally, can you describe what you saw in the video using only one word?


Grown-ups: there are no right or wrong answers for this activity. The aim is simply to generate discussion and explore ideas.

Activity Four

There is a PowerPoint presentation below on e-safety for this week's Year 1 computi‚Äčng lesson. Go through the PowerPoint first with a grown up, then use the 'time to chat' questions to talk about it.