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Star of the Week

This weeks Star of the Week is Dasha. I have been so impressed with your money work in Maths this week. You have been so engaged during our class discusssions too! Well done Dasha - you've had an excellent week. 

Table of the Week

Pandas are this weeks Table of the Week. Don't forget to bring a show and tell in next week!


The children have been detectives today and have been working out why The Great Fire of London began and who might be to blame. They worked in groups with a folder of clues from which they had to work out where, when and why the fire started. They were amazing detectives!


The children were walking along the beam in gymnastics today.


During our lesson today, Mrs Collins had a go at pretending to be the cloud seller. We then discussed some of the techniques she had used to sell the clouds (questions, noun phrases, exclamations, statements). The children then practised their own Cloud Seller pitches verbally to generate ideas before creating posters to convince people to buy a pet cloud.  


In Science this term we are learning about the uses of everday materials. Today the children have been investigating the absorbency of different paper towels and tissue.