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Friday 8th May

Good morning Oak Class- It's a Bank Holiday today to commemorate VE day, so I hope you will all have a lovely relaxing day and  are able to get outside to enjoy the good weather. 

We set you work this week which will carry forward to next week, so you will have time next week to catch up!

Have a great long weekend.

Mrs Short xx 





Thursday 7th May


Hello Everyone


As promised, here is this week's spelling test. It's a day early as there is no school tomorrow as we have a bank holiday. I hope that you have a great time, whatever you are up to.


Stay safe.


Mrs Godden x


This week's spellings (Some words you should know by the end of year 6):






















This Week's Spelling Test

Wednesday 6th May


Hello Oak Class


It's great to see how hard you are all working and Mrs Short and I love it when you send over pieces to work we can look at and share with your classmates. Today I have added three pieces of work:


  • A really interesting PowerPoint presentation about Covid-19 by Theo
  • A lovely piece of writing by Rosa about her family's experiences of VE Day
  • A drum solo by Lucas which he has recorded especially for Oak Class


Keep sending us your projects and we will be delighted to add them to our class page.


Tomorrow looks set to be very warm and sunny, with Friday and Saturday set to be even warmer, so make sure you slap on the sunscreen, slip on a hat and get outside in the fresh air. And don't forget to send in photos of your VE Day celebrations.


Stay safe.


Mrs Godden x



Theo's Presentation on Covid-19

Rosa's Family VE Day Memories

Lucas drumming

Still image for this video

Ed has been baking too - he had made an Icelandic skvr cake which looks delicious

And Zara has been making pasta from scratch - looks like a messy job!

Beth has been baking today - how good does that cake look?!

Monday 4th May


Good Morning Oak Class


We hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend.


As there is a Bank Holiday this Friday Mrs Short is setting science and topic work that will cover this week and next. There is quite a lot to do so a bit of extra time will make sure you have time to complete the work.


She is also setting you a writing task, so we are only giving you one week of English plans from Hamilton - again you have two weeks to complete all your English.


In maths, we have added one week of Hamilton plans and we would like you to try some alternative planning provided by White Rose Maths. Please let us know which you prefer. You have two weeks again to complete both units.


You may already know that Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day and many people are having a picnic in their front gardens to celebrate. Mr File has asked that if you do have a picnic, you take some photos and send them to him for him to share. Each day this week, Purple Mash will be posting an activity linked to VE Day - more information can be found below - and we have also added a presentation about VE Day if you would like to find out more about it.


Have a great week everyone. Stay safe and keep in touch.


Mrs Short and Mrs Godden xx


English - Writing

I would like you to do some writing this week. As you have English tasks to do, we are giving you two weeks to complete the English work for the week and your writing.

I would like you to write a letter to me describing your experiences of lockdown so far. 

It is an informal letter so you can put your personal experiences and feelings about things.

What have you liked about lockdown? How have you found the home learning? What has been challenging for you? What do you miss? Will this experience change anything for you in the future?

Please send them to me and I will give you feedback via email.

I look forward to reading your work!


English - Hamilton Plans

This week's lessons can be found below. Remember - you have two weeks to complete these lessons and your letter to Mrs Short.


English - Spelling Test

As Friday is a bank holiday, this week's spelling test will be available by Thursday morning this week. Even if you haven't learnt your spellings, why not have a go at the test anyway? You can then mark yourself against the spellings on last week's page.  Good luck!



One week of Hamilton Plans can be found below. In addition, please try some of these lessons - We would like you to work on Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20 April). Click on this link on the Year 6 page and you will see a video lesson for each day, along with some worksheets (plus the answers for marking).


Again, these two sets of lessons are intended to cover two weeks' work.


We would really like to hear your opinion of White Rose Maths compared with the Hamilton Trust lessons. Which do you prefer and why?



This week week are are learning about how the body transports nutrients. the work sheets and lesson presentation  are below. Take time and you can do further research if you would like to find out more. The science resources are below.



You are all working hard on your country projects and this week I thought you might enjoy an art based task. I would like you to research and artist form your country and write a bit about them. I would then like you to compete a piece of art using any medium you want inspired by the artist.

This task can be completed over this week and next as we  have a Bank Holiday on Friday.

please send pictures of your finished work and we can share them on the class page.



As we have a bank holiday on Friday (when we normally have our RE lesson), I am not posting any work this week. If you are a bit behind with your RE, this will give you a chance to catch up if you wish.



Please continue with your HTML work which was set last week. I have had some great work sent through already, so keep up the good work. Next week I will be setting some HTML projects for those of you who have finished the Khan Academy unit.



Keep going with Duolingo please. As many of you are doing very well with this, I have added two new units this week.


You can also listen to and complete short listening comprehensions on Duolingo, which are fun to do. I cannot assign these to the class unfortunately, but if you want to try one, go to Let me know if you like them.



Choose an activity on Charanga if you wish - full details of how to log in are given on last week's class page.



Sonny making Maltese almond cookies - yummy!