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Term 2

Week 3

Week ending 20.11.20


What have we learned this week?


'I learned the alternative graphemes for the 'ai' phoneme.'

'I learned to add 10 and 11 to a one and two digit number.'

'I learned to subtract 10 and 11 to a one and two digit number.'

'I learned to put bullet points in instructions.'

'I learned to put each new instruction on a new line.'

'I learned to use time connectives at the beginning of the line to sequence the instructions.'

'I learned to use Wow! words to add description to my instructions, to make them more interesting.'

'I learned to use bossy verbs (imperative verbs) in instructions.'

'I learned not to use 'you' or 'we' in instructions.'

'I wrote instructions for making my butterfly mask.'

'I investigated milk, white and plain chocolate, using my senses and recorded my results in a table.'

'We practised our songs for our Nativity.'

'I looked at Botticelli's The Mystical Nativity' and said what I liked.'

'I acted in our Nativity.'

'I learned to write words with split digraphs.'

'I learned how to hold a hockey stick and how to push the ball.'