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Term 4

Week 1 Term 4

Who can believe it is Term 4? This year is going so quickly! Our learning this week has been all about mini beasts. We started off the week with our English learning and thought about words to describe mini beasts, adjectives or as we like to say in Acorn Class WOW! words. These have made our writing more interesting and when looking at mini beasts we have been able to say they have 'long legs' or 'hard shells'. We also collected some more twigs for our mini beast hotel in our wild area. Our maths learning was all about measuring and using the language longer and shorter. We also learnt that to measure accurately we needed to use a standard unit of measure. We began to record our findings on whiteboards. Our favourite activity was our mini beast hunt, although we didn't find many. Maybe 'Doris' had blown them all away! Or maybe it was a bit cold. We are going to try again in a couple of months and compare our findings. I hope you like the fabulous mini beasts that the children are making from the 'junk modelling, all their own work and super for learning cutting and joining skills.

Term 4 Wk 2

The Bog Baby.

If you didn't know what a bog baby was you probably do now! 

It is one of my favourite children's stories and is so beautifully illustrated it really inspires magic to happen. Our learning this week has been quite magical. We have produced some amazing writing about what we might find in the magical pond. Have a look at our display in the hall. We have also made our own bog babies, they are blue and sparkly with googly eyes and are living in our magic pond in the classroom. They will come home soon but I thought we could enjoy them here for a bit longer. Our Maths learning this week has been all about 2D shapes. We have some real shape superstars in Acorns, who knew that a 5 year old would know what an octagon was? Well done Mae! We have been all around the school looking for shapes in the environment. It's amazing where they crop up when you start looking. I wonder if you know why bees use hexagons to make their beehive? Acorn class do.


Woodland creatures next week. I wonder where foxes, badgers, mice, squirrels and rabbits live? I'm really looking forward to finding out.

Wk 3 Term 4

Woodland Animals

This week our theme has been woodland animals. We have learnt some interesting facts about where animals live using non-fiction books. We wrote our own sentences and have produced some lovely paintings.

We thought about what an animal would need to survive and realised it is not that different from ourselves. Both humans and animals need food, water, somewhere to live and family. With this in mind we build shelters for some of our woodland creatures and tried to think of ways they might find their food and water.

Term 4 Wk 4

Another busy, busy week. Jungle animals have been our focus this week. We have used the story 'Walking through the Jungle' as a basis for our own writing. Using 'Talk for Writing' we have used actions and pictures to support sentence writing and thinking of our own ideas. Yes, I really did say sentence writing! Fabulous Acorns. Maths has been 'taking away' with some amazing graph work from Tom and Jacob, who could calculate differences. The finale to the week has been a super fun and rather busy day learning about Kandinsky. We mixed colour, thought about warm and cool colours and made our own concentric circle paintings based on a Kandinsky work. Phew!

Term 4 Wk 5

We have been learning about Mother's Day this week. We have read some stories about 'mums' and used these as inspiration for writing our own sentences. Our Mother's Day assembly was a great success with all of the children reading the sentences they had written. Very brave for such little people. I'm sure you were as proud of them as I was.


We have also learnt to share, counting out 10, 12 and then 20 cubes and seeing if we could share equally between 2, 3, or 4 dinosaurs. Some super ordering of number during child initiated learning too!
The finished Kandinsky art works look fabulous in the classroom. I don't think they'd look out of place in the Tate Modern!

Term 4 wk 6

What a super fun last week! 

Elham's got Talent was a super afternoon enjoyed by all.

We learnt about Elmer the Elephant and that its ok to be different.  Hope you like our recycled Elmers. We also had a fun Easter egg hunt on the field and made repeating patterns with all of the shapes that we know.