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Monday 4th January


Happy New Year and good morning.  Welcome to the first day of Term 3, although sadly we cannot all be together today :(

Please complete each lesson and email me with photos or documents of your completed work if you can.



Naming fractions


Use the PPT to revise what a fraction is and how to identify each one.

Complete the sheets.  If you cannot print the ones that need colouring, show an adult which parts would need to be shaded.

Guided Reading


You will need to use Purple Mash - please email me if you have forgotten your login.


You have been set a 2do.  It is a reading comprehension task.  Read the first chapter and complete the quiz and description then hand it in.




Write a recount about your favourite day in the holidays.


Use lots of description, conjunctions and fronted adverbials to make effective sentences.


Use the 5ws to describe the event:

Who was there?

What happened?

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?

Why was it so good?


Include pictures if you wish.




How do Christians try to be like Jesus?


Answer the questions using the Bible text.