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This week in maths the children have a wealth of  maths vocabulary when comparing amounts.  Today the children practised the following: more, less, fewer and the same as in order to compare  amounts.

Mr Elgar found some really strange eggs in with the hens over the weekend.  He has sent them off for inspection, but he took pictures of them and asked Hazel class to say which animal they thought could have laid them..  We had some very interesting responses!

Kira's enormous apple

This week Hazel Class enacted the story of the Lost Son.  We had some outstanding narrators!

In Science the children have been investigating their sense of touch.  They put one of Mr Elgar's old socks on their hands and tried touching things to work out what they were and how they felt.  Then they removed the socks and we talked about how sensitive our fingers are and how much easier it was to identify things even though they couldn't see them.

We have spent an afternoon doing observational drawing.  The children tried to draw a piece of fruit or vegetable WITHOUT taking their pencil off the paper.  Some of the children took to this like ducks to water, others really struggled with the idea that they could go back over the same line to get back to the beginning.  It was also very interesting to see that they struggle to draw what they actually see and instead draw what is in their head!  Developmentally, they are not quite ready for this...

Forest School

We had a nice relaxing start to forest school today and took part in some forest bathing. The children used their senses to see what they could hear, see, touch, smell and taste, it was very peaceful! They then went off and made their names using any natural material they could find, we had some amazing creations and some children that said it was too difficult.

We finished off with our lovely hot chocolate and s'mores. 


We have continued our learning using the language "Greater than, less than and equal to". Today the children began comparing numbers and trying to remember that the crocodile always eats the biggest one. 

Harvest Festival

The children were fabulous in church today, they recited their harvest alphabet beautifully. Thank you to everyone who brought in a donation to be taken to the "Rainbow Centre".