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Star of the Week


This weeks Star of the Week is Scout.


You have had a really great week. You have been ready to learn this week and focused especially during our phonics lessons. You demonstrated super reasoning skills during our Maths lesson on doubling numbers. You have worked hard this week to take care with your work rather than rushing to complete it. This is great to see.


Very well done Scout!

In DT this week the children have designed their own boats using the materials we have used so far (paper, foil and sticks). The children decided which materials they wanted to use and then created their design. Some chose just one material and other chose to use all three! The children will be making their design next week and testing it out on the water to see if it floats (with a sweet passenger of course!)

Our class entry into the Elham Scarecrow competition. A very relaxed looking Tiger who came to tea! 

More great Bug Hotel creations!

It is lovely to have nearly all the children back this week!

We are working on multiplication in maths and this week we have been looking at arrays and discovered there are so many in real life: chocolate bars, windows, boxes of eggs... The children looked for them on the playground and found quite a few.

In History we looked at what seaside holidays were like during Victorian times, watched a Punch and Judy show (none of the children had heard of Punch and Judy!), talked about what it would be like for boys to wear sailor suits down to the beach (Bear and Scout said they had sailor suits!) and sang 'I do like to be beside the seaside'.

Ask your child what this strange looking picture is and what is tied up in ribbon next to it!