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Term 5

Week 2

Week ending 30.4.21


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I learned the 'le' ending.'

'I learned to write a non-fiction report about the diet and habitat of the snow leopard.'

'I learned how to prepare a bed and plant potatoes.'

'I learned how to add multiples of 10.'

'I learned how to add 3 numbers.

'I learned how to add a one digit number to a two digit number.'

'I learned how to find missing numbers.'

'I learned how to use a missing number line.'

'I learned how to draw flowers from observation.'

'I learned about different habitats.'

'I learned about the effects of God and drew a picture to show where God is.'

'I learned to sing 'Roar' and 'I'm on my way', with 'Singing Hands'.