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week 2 8.6.2020

Thursday 11th June

Gaby's Mum found this really interesting link about how the indigenous population in the Amazon have been dealing with Covid:

I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Zoom meeting tomorrow. Don't forget to wear your hat and bring along your Wildlife Bingo card (printed or copied down) if you want to join in the game!

See you tomorrow :)

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning! How's your week going? School seems pretty quiet without you!

Only 3 AR quizzes so far this week - congratulations to Lucy (4 points), Phoebe (6 points) and Ruby (42 points for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! - wow!). Keep reading everyone!


I've been sent these resources by the STEM team (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at Christchurch University. They will be holding a virtual Science Jamboree tomorrow and Friday from 9am - 3pm, so try and pop along and see which events interest you:

There are also some great resources on the STEM hub website - lots of activities involving the Environment, Space, Dinosaurs and Structures - there are Primary activities and also secondary activities in each topic, so you could really push the boundaries and have some fun.

I know some of you really enjoyed finding out about the oceans on World Oceans Day. This website has lots of projects you can do - including making slime (always very popular!):

I hope you have a terrific scientific day!


Tuesday 9th June

The Summer Reading Challenge is here! Please find attached details of the Silly Squad summer challenge that we have every year, but this year launched a little early with a focus on happiness and books that make us laugh. Kent libraries have free ebooks and audiobooks that you can access by following this link, so find your favourite reading spot and enjoy!

Can you get your parents to take a photo of you reading - somewhere unusual, somewhere unlikely, somewhere you love...send it in for us to show the rest of the class where you read! Write a book review and share it for others to know which books you recommend (and any to avoid!)

Arthur has had a very busy, wildlife-packed few days! Good job Arthur!

Monday 8th June


Good morning Beech class!

I hope you had a good weekend. It's turned really chilly today and the classrooms feel cold with having to keep all the doors and windows open - I hope you're all snug and warm at home!


Mr File and I have arranged a Zoom meeting for us on Friday 12th June at 10am, so I hope you'll be able to join. Come along wearing a hat - preferably one you've made yourself - think about the ones we made for our Christmas lunch and style it up! Your parents will be sent an email with the instructions for joining the meeting and the link that you'll need to follow. If you don't have access to a device where you can access Zoom, please let Mr File know asap.


Have a good week and I'll see you on Friday.

Silly hats and silly faces in December!



Today (Monday 8th June) is World Oceans Day. If you can, log into the live lesson at 10am hosted by the Environment Agency and WWF:

Make a fact file about World Oceans Day.


We are continuing with our activities from the Wildlife Trusts this week. Please try the activity sheets on finding an animal for every letter of the alphabet, then using your list try writing in a different style (the green box gives you some ideas).


What is the impact on plants and nature of deforestation?

Watch Ivy’s plant shop:

Think about habitats and food chains and what could happen if deforestation continues.

What does the term 'extinct' mean? Investigate what has happened to other species of animals that have become extinct.

Make a poster, warning people about the dangers of destroying animal’s natural habitats.


Continuing with our theme of Living in the Wider World, this week we are looking at Communities. Read through the powerpoint and discuss the points raised with your family, then write a newspaper article about a community event - you can use the photos as prompts, or think about your own experiences recently. Do you think the way we feel about communities has changed in the past few months? Do you think communities have changed? Can you get everyone in your family "bubble" to complete a community pledge slip?


Continue with your work on Bikeability - please complete page 9 on road signals and page 19 on the Highway Code. If you'd like to find out more about the highway code which has guidance for pedestrians, cyclist and drivers go to:

RE - LQ - How are babies welcomed?

Are Christians the only group of people who hold a ceremony to welcome new babies?

Think about what we learned about Christian baptism last term, then look at the information about Humanists - how do the ceremonies differ? What is the same?

Watch this clip

Read through the slides and then plan your own Humanist Naming Ceremony. Can you write a poem that could be read out at a naming ceremony?


DT - to design a pencil case

Think about the pencil cases on your mood board from last week. Complete the planning sheet and make your prototype pencil case. Evaluate what works and what doesn't. Think about modifications you will make to improve your design. Ask someone else for their opinion about your product. Next week you will make your final product.