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Star of the Week

This weeks 'Star of the Week' is Zach. You have made a fabulous start in Hazel class Zach. You are always ready to learn and you have worked so hard this week identifying and representing numbers in Maths. You are such a kind member of Hazel class and are always happy to help others. You look super smart in your new glasses too! 

Well done Zach!

In Maths today we have been continuing to identify numbers. The children used chalk to represent numbers to 20 in different ways (for example as a numeral, a word or by drawing objects). 

In English the children are focusing on labels, lists and captions. We have been reading What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson and today the children found different words hidden around the classroom to label a picture of the farmyard from the book. 

In Science this term we are learning about the human body and our senses. We drew an outline of a body (around Levi!) and labelled some body parts that we can see. We then focused on our eyes, ears, nose, hands and tongue and found out why these are called our five senses. We also played a really fun (and tiring) game called crazy body parts!

This week in maths we are identifying and writing numbers.  The children have played 'fishing bingo', they have used playdough to put a certain number of spots, stripes etc on animals, they have made towers using up to 20 cubes and used cutting and sticking skills to fill buses with a certain number of passengers.  It has been very practical and lots of fun.

The children are also learning about repeating patterns.  We are using bottle tops to make a door curtain with repeating patterns!  We are also practising threading.

We are learning multiskills in PE this term.  Today we practised rolling the ball and catching it with bended knees.