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Term 1

Week 5

Week ending 8.10.21


What have we learned this week?


'I learned the alternative graphemes for the 'igh' phoneme.'

'I learned to subtract 10 from a multiple of 10.'

'I learned to subtract 10 from a two-digit number.'

'I learned about our coins and can order them from the smallest in value to the largest in value.'

'I learned to combine amounts of money to make a total.'

'I learned to use conjunctions to join sentences.'

'I learned to use 'because' and 'then' to join sentences.'

'I learned about 'The Big Frieze' and could find pictures of The Creation.'

'I learned to find a 'pulse' in music.'

'I learned how to make tortillas and tasted tortillas, tortilla crisps and tacos.'

'I learned about how babies grow.'

'I learned how to draw a self-portrait.'