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Term 1

Week 4

Week ending 25 .9.20


We decided to 'make hay whilst the sun shone' and went into the school garden to plant daffodil bulbs.  It was terribly overgrown, so we set about clearing the beds of weeds.  The children were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! They kept digging up treasure - potatoes, onions, radishes and garlic: the whoops of triumph were priceless!  We only managed to plant a few bulbs, but will return to plant the remainder, when the weather is kinder. I have already had requests from the class to do more weeding: perhaps we should have a sponsored weed! 


What else have we learned this week:


'I learned the alternative graphemes for the 'oo', 'ew', 'u-e' and 'ue' phoneme'

'I learned to write words with the 'u-e' phoneme.'

'I learned to write words with the alternative graphemes for the 'oo', 'ew', 'u-e' and 'ue' phoneme.'

'I learned to add 10 to a single digit number.'

'I learned to add 10 to a two digit number.'

'I learned in PSHE about safety around the school, at home and outside.'

'I learned where Tocuaro is in Mexico.'

'I learned to make a Story Mountain about the 'Journey', including the characters, setting, introduction, problem, dilemma, resolution, ending and moral!'

'I learned to make a Story Map of 'Journey'.'