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Week 4 22.06.20

Good morning children,


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


We have had some interesting weather recently with hot, sunny days and then some rain, even some thunderstorms! All around us plants are growing and trees have got their new leaves. 


Here is the learning for this week - have a lovely week and keep smiling!


Lots of love Mrs Grady and Ms Shepherd xx


This week we are continuing to look at alternative spellings for phonemes.


Monday: Today we are looking at ‘f’ and the spellings for words such as phone and dolphin. These words have the same ‘f’ sound but are spelt with a ‘ph’.


Complete the ‘ph’ word and picture match below to help Kit and Sam match the pictures with the correct words. Have a go at the challenge too.

Tuesday: Today is ‘j’ and the alternative spellings for this sound such as gym, age and bridge. These words have the same ‘j’ sound but are spelt differently.


Use the pictures on the activity sheet to help you write the words using the correct spelling. 

Wednesday: Today is ‘m’ and the alternative spellings for this sound as in numb and thumb. These words sound the same but are spelt differently.


Look through the Power point slides to see lots of words spelt using the ‘mb’ spelling for the ‘m’ sound.


Read through the story below – how many phonemes can you spot with the

Thursday: Today we are looking at ‘n’.

Look at these words below. These words make the same ‘n’ sound but use a different spelling. (knight, gnat)

Read the phoneme spotter story. How many words can you find containing the ‘n’ and ‘kn’ and ‘gn’ graphemes?


Today we are looking at ‘r’. Look at these words (write, wrap, wrist). These words make the same ‘r’ sound but use a different spelling. 


Can you match the pictures with the correct words?


Reading is so important so please read for 15 minutes every day.

Tell someone in your house about the book you have read. This could be a picture book that you know or it could be a new book that you try to read independently to yourself. You could read to your favourite teddy or toy. You could also listen to a free audio story or look at a story online.


Summer Reading Challenge 2020

The Reading Agency and Libraries summer reading challenge is now available. This year’s challenge is entirely digital as libraries are closed. It’s free to access, featuring games, quizzes and downloadable activities to encourage children and their families to take part in reading related activities at home.  


This year’s theme is ‘Silly Squad’ focussing on funny books, happiness and things that make us laugh. Find out more and sign up at the following link. We would love to know how you are getting on. 



Activity One


Last week we made a windsock. Here is a picture of my windsock. The ribbons have been moving a little bit in the wind this week.

Today we are looking at clouds.

I love looking up at the clouds, watching them pass by and finding shapes in the sky. Watch this clip of the clouds passing by – take some deep breaths and enjoy the time to relax and see what shapes you can make.

Clouds are made of tiny droplets of water that float in the air. Here are some examples of different types of clouds. Cloud formations can indicate what kind of weather we might me about the experience.

Cirrus clouds are white, thin and wispy. Cumulus clouds are white and fluffy like cotton wool. Stratus clouds are grey and cover the whole sky.


Would cirrus clouds indicate a heavy rainstorm? What do you think darker clouds often tell us?


Look at this amazing picture Mr File took the other day of the clouds over Elham. Can you see any of these cloud formations we have looked at?

Have a go drawing and describing the three cloud formations we have looked at today.

Activity Two

LI: I can design a healthy picnic skewer

Let’s remind ourselves about the eatwell guide we looked at a few weeks ago. What does it mean to make something healthy?

Can you think of any healthy foods you could take on a picnic?


Look at these foods. What do you notice about them?

Today you are going to design a healthy picnic skewer. What food could you use to make a healthy picnic skewer?

Activity Three

LI: I can write a prayer about wisdom


Did you remember our six school values? Today we are looking at the value of wisdom.

Watch this story with a grown up.

A Tale Of Two Rabbits

Lots of people think wisdom is the same as cleverness. Wisdom is best described as a skill we gather from our day-to-day experiences and from the things we see and hear. This helps us to be able to make good decisions.  


Here are two of our class scenarios that show wisdom.

Brandon knows fire can hurt.

How do you think he knows fire hurts?

Flissie knows cats can bite.

How do you think she knows cats bite?


Can you write a prayer to ask God for wisdom to help us with things in our daily life? 

Here is one I have written.


Activity Four:

LI: Time to get active!





Let's Get Active!

Activity Five:

LI: I can make my own book on the computer.


See the link below for the next computing lesson.