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This week in maths we continued to solve Roman numerals and learnt the phrase, 'I value xylophones like cows drink milk!' to remember what each digit represents.  We then added and subtracted multiples of 10-100000, such as 16,256 + 3000 =, using our place value knowledge to help us.  In English we learnt the difference between direct and reported speech and were able to convert one to the other, ensuring that we were using the correct speech punctuation for direct speech. On Wednesday, we started to write our introductions to our newspaper reports about the volcanic explosion in Pompeii in AD79.  We used the '5ws' to find out what, why, when, where and who.  In RE we explored the concept of a promise when vows are shared in a Christian wedding.  We discussed what different symbols in a wedding represents, such as the rings meaning eternal love and devotion to God and each other.  In French, we leant 5 more rooms in the house, and completed some listening and reading activities.  Tuesday was an amazing day, discovering and experiencing where the Romans first landed in Britain (Britannia) in AD43 at Richborough.  We investigated artefacts that had been found at the site, and learnt about the ampitheatre that was dug up last year, and has since been covered back up to preserve it, but we were able to see the ring in the grass.  We climbed the tower of the fort, and stood in the place where the baths would've been enjoyed.  We were very thankful for the beautiful weather as well as the brilliant volunteers at the centre that shared their wealth of knowledge about the history of this wonderful site from the past.

At the end of the week, in maths, we were looking at time. We began by converting different units of time and ordering each unit from smallest to biggest beginning with seconds and ending with a millennium. We then went on to convert between analogue and digital clocks. In GPS we were learning about contractions and how to appropriately use apostrophes to shorten a word. Science involved exploring the amazing 97 years of David Attenborough with children creating their own fact files. We were lucky enough to have a visit and watch a performance by a drama group all about protecting our mental health which the children all enjoyed. We finished the week as we end all Fridays with music and some singing - this week we even got the glockenspiels out!

Thanks you to those who came to the drop in on Wednesday, it was lovely to see the children sharing their hard work with you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Hall and Miss Laslett

Thursday and Friday