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Term 4

Florrie's Great Fire of London Story

Willow's Prayer


Dear God

Please help us to stop the coronavirus and help people to listen to the government

Thank you for keeping my friends and family good and well

We love you God amen 

Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - Peace at Last

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Welcome to Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin...

Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - Little Bear's Trousers

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Welcome to Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin...

Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - Mr Wolf's Pancakes

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Welcome to Story Time with Mrs Ferguson. Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin..

Good Morning lovely Willows!


Hope you had a splendid weekend - the sun had truly got his hat on for the start of the Easter holiday- hip hip, hip hip, hurray!


Just wanted to mention, if you haven't already seen it 'twinkl'.  This site has a wealth of activities and ideas and there is a free access code : UKTWINKLHELPS at  It has also linked with Joe Wicks and the BBC, and provides a daily timetable if you wish to use it.


Thank you so much for all the lovely photos and updates - please keep sending them in, it's great to hear from you  - Go, Team Willow!!


Remember to keep washing and anti-baccing!


Lots of love,


Mrs. Ferguson x





Pictures from Lola, Ted and Harry

Purple Mash Newsletter

Fintan's Video

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Dear Team Willow,


Do check out BBC Bitesize - from Monday it is going to be even more amazing with lots of added resources for each year group!  Available on the red button and iplayer.


On Thursdays at 4.00 p.m online, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler are reading from their books.


Do the 30 day Lego Challenge :


Amelia suggests: virtual tours for a family outing this Easter!>life>travel>best-virtual-tours


You might like to do some bird watching from the comfort of your sitting room:  there are lots of resources on


If you want to read some books online, apart from Oxford Owl, try


Here's an idea for an activity that my mum used to do with her class  and with me at home(Sofia, reminded me of it!).


Make an Easter garden in a large shallow container.  Spread some soil in the container and find moss for the grass.  Plant some primroses or daisies and use twigs for trees.  Make a hill and put a cross on it.  Nearby make a hollow and find a big round stone for the entrance.  I remember we used to add bunnies and chicks and even the odd little gnome, but this is not necessary! Have fun!


Have a super Easter,


Lots of love,

Mrs. Ferguson x


P.S. There are some Easter eggs waiting for you in the cupboard at school, when we get back!



Pictures from Max, Frankie, Willow and Lola



Hello Willows!


It is April Fool's Day so... not just one Joke of the Day!!


What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?   Finding half a worm!


What building in town has the most stories?  The public library!  (storeys - meaning floors and stories - tales, are homophones - we could add them to our chart!)


What is a computer's favourite snack?   Computer chips!


What did one volcano say to the other?   I lava you!


How do we know that the sea is friendly?   It waves!



Maths Word Problem:   Ten children take turns to read a book for charity.

Each child reads for five minutes.  What is the total time for the ten children?


Number Crew 'Putting on and Taking Off is on You tube - our Friday treat!!


You can also access BBC Ten Pieces online ( ten pieces of classical music we should know before we leave primary school): the children have been listening to them in my singing assembly and are especially knowledgeable about the first Ten Pieces.


I will be posting some ideas about how to keep the family amused over Easter - do dip in!




Mrs.Ferguson x

Pictures from Ted and Sofia



Good Morning Willows!


Another beautiful morning ! 


It is lovely to have so many emails and pictures from you. Your Mums and Dads are doing a fantastic job teaching you - I am really jealous - I love teaching you!


Joke of the day: What did the doctor say to the patient with a strawberry growing out of his ear?  I can give you some cream for that!


Maths Word Problem: Dylan has 52 picture cards.  Ryan has 55 cards.  Who has more cards?  How many more?


Chain Letters: How many words can you make by changing the first one or two letters of 'train'?


Check out 'The Great Fire of London Quiz' :

                'The Great Fire of London Game':

                 'The Great Fire of London' - Horrible Histories song about the Slimy Stuarts

             and 'The Grisly Great Fire of London' - Horrible Histories - both online.



Have a lovely day!


Mrs. Ferguson xx




Photo Update from Lucas



Good Afternoon lovely Willows!


I hope you had a super weekend and had some fun!


Joke of the day: What is the best time to use a trampoline?  Springtime!


Maths Word Problem: Alex balances a ball on his head for 18 seconds.  Liam does it for only half this time.  For how many seconds does Liam balance the ball?


Chain letters:  How many words can you make by changing the first letter of 'make'?


My dear daughter No. 2, Nurse Amelia, has been researching some fun websites for you to try out:


This one is bound to drive you all crazy, so apologies in advance...but we must all wash our hands!!


1. Baby Shark Handwashing Song on You Tube.

2. Virtual Disney Rides (You Tube)

3. Chester Zoo -games and virtual tour and Edinburgh Zoo Live Cam.



Watch out for more tomorrow!




Mrs.Ferguson x











Sofia Skinner - Teach Your Monster to Read

Florrie keeping to her timetable

Term 4

Week 6


Hello Team Willow!


You all did a splendid job last week! Lots of emails and pictures to show you were working hard and having fun!


I am going to post the Learning Intentions for this week, followed by extra explanation! Unlike last week I will post my daily blog on top of each post, rather than at the bottom of it (it seemed logical to me, but my husband says it makes more sense!).


Do not worry if you don't do it all! It is there as a guide and i know you are all very busy! Dip in and out, find something in the Homework packs or do something completely different!  Children - remember the school rule to do something the first time you are asked. Be happy!


Lots of love,


Mrs. Ferguson x



Reading                   Learning Intention


Spellings in sentences:        ‘tion’,’ial’,’sion,




Checking addition and subtraction   5x table


The Great Fire of London.  How did London change after the fire?






Checking addition  and subtraction


‘The Wolf’s Story’: Adverbs


The Easter Story: Forgiving


Play ‘I’m thinking of a word’…‘tion’,’ial’,’sion,



Reading and Phonics.  Play ‘ Hangman’ using the spelling words.


Checking subtraction with addition


‘The Wolf’s Story’: Commas in lists


It is the last day of term!  So…instead of tidying your desks, tidy your bedrooms and then ask Mum and Dad for some snacks and watch a film!  You could also make an Easter card…or do an Easter/Spring craft.


Learning Intention


Spellings in sentences: see sheet on screen or in pack.   Read spellings and go over the meanings.

Put spellings into sentences (B.B.  x4)  (M.B x 3)  (L.B. x 2)


Checking addition and subtraction – see sheet


How London changed after The Great Fire of London. What was the name of the street where the fire started? Why did the fire spread?  Imagine what London looked like after the fire.  Explain that the city had to be rebuilt because people had nowhere to live and had to sleep in tents.  Make a list of things that would help make London a safer place to live.

What could be done to make the new houses safe from fire? (rebuild in brick)

What do you think could be done to make the streets cleaner? (collect the rubbish from the street)

What do you think could be done to make the streets wider? (rebuild houses further apart)

What did the firefighters use to put out the fire? (hooks, buckets of water and squirts)

What equipment would help to put out fires more quickly? (a fire engine)

  • Explain that after the fire many people paid money to fire-fighting companies.  These people would put a sign (plaque) on the outside of their house to show with which company they were insured. There is one in the high street in Canterbury. – The Sun Alliance.

Pretend to be King Charles11 after the Great Fire of London.  Make a poster to show what must be done in order to prevent more fires.






Checking addition and subtraction


‘The Wolf’s Story’:  see sheet- Read the sentences and put in an adverb to make it more interesting.  An adverb tells you more about a verb a doing word).


The Easter Story: Forgiving.  Read ‘Let’s Be Friends Again’ by Hans Wilhelm (on You Tube), where one of the main characters needs to forgive another.  Stop as the turtle is released, and ask what both pupils should do.  At the end of the story discuss who said sorry, how the brother felt before and after forgiving, and what might have happened if he never forgave his little sister.  Think of the phrase ‘forgive and forget’. Do you think the brother will really forget what his sister did?  Why is it important for him to forgive and wipe the slate clean? Think of Jesus’ words on the cross: ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’  Who is Jesus forgiving and what is being forgiven? Christians ask God to forgive their sins, because of Jesus’ example and action – being prepared to die to save people and heal their friendship with God.  Christians believe that God has the power to forgive sins. The resurrection proved many things, one of which was Jesus’ power to forgive sin.

Tuesday (cont…)

Phonics/spelling. Use the spelling words to encourage discussion about the definitions. ‘I’m thinking of a word that means a very large house.’  ‘I am thinking of a word that means to take away.’  Etc.…




Checking subtraction with addition – see sheet.


‘The Wolf’s story’: Commas in lists.  Add commas to these lists – remember to put ‘and’, (or ‘or’)’between the last two things in a list.


Ideas for Easter/Spring cards and activities online:  (I would have done something similar to the Hatching Easter Chicks from The Dragonfly!)



This week I have set all the children in Willows a 2Do about Easter in Purple Mash.  When you log on, you need to click on the bell icon at the top of the screen and you will be taken to your 2Do. LI: to write and decorate an Easter poem.




Have a lovely break and eat lots of Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs!  (Remember why you are eating them!)


If you want to do some work then have a go at The Easter Maths and English Activity Booklets and also the twinkl booklets.  There are also lots of colouring sheets – remember to be ’mindful’ and colour carefully- there are lots more on ‘twinkl’, which has a lot of free resources.  code CVDTWINKLHELPS.  You could send them to your Grandmas and Grandpas or put them in your window to show your neighbours.














Willow Year 2


5 x Table

Spellings – 30.3.20






































Checking Subtraction with Addition


Dear Lucas,


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday, dear Lucas,

Happy Birthday to you!


Age 7!



Hope you had a brilliant day!  Let us know what you got for your birthday!


See the video below!




Mrs. Ferguson x




Happy Birthday Lucas Is someone you know having a birthday? Why not send them a personalised 'Happy Birthday' wish. We have 1000s of r...

Term 4

Week 4

Week ending 20.3.20


It has been a very emotional week!  Brilliant to see so many Willows and chat to our lovely, supportive Mums and Dads.


I hope all our amazing Mums have a wonderful, relaxing (don't go round Tesco, as I have just done!) Mothering Sunday!  Don't forget to look in the Kentish Cazette (I'm not on commission!) for a portrait of you and a message from your child! The sun has got his hat on - keep smiling!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I learned how to add the graphemes 'ble' and 'le'.'

'I learned how to dribble a ball in basketball.'

'I learned how to subtract a two digit number from a two digit number, using a number line and a hundred square.'

'I learned how to find out about a character in a story.'

'I wrote 'rules of three sentences about a character from 'The Wolf's Story.'

'I made a Mothering Sunday card.'

'I designed a fire engine.'

'I could say what I needed to make the fire engine.'

'I made my fire engine out of recycled materials.'

'I evaluated my design - what went well and what I could do to make it even better!'


Dear Parents,


I will be posting our learning intentions for the week, with daily plans.  These are intended as a guide to what we would have been learning at school. Please do not think you have to follow them to the letter: we are experiencing a very unsettling, stressful time for our families - some children will want the routine of learning, others might rebel - they are confused and anxious!  Go with the flow and bring as much fun and joy into your lives as possible. Many of you will be working from home and have little ones to look after as well - it might be easier to take your lead from your child.  Do a project on cooking, gardening, dinosaurs, space, Lego, football, the Olympics, spring, birds, etc..which they can research from many of the wonderful sites available online, such as BBC Bitesize, Twinkl or Purple Mash.


I have included in the homework folders: Snappy/Mad Maths worksheets; Spring Activity Booklets for Maths and English; an Easter Revision Booklet; Abacus Maths Workbook; Handwriting Booklets; mini books to make; 'The Wolf's Story' and some colouring!  You can dip into them as much as you like.  They should also have three reading books- do try to read as much as possible - it is the key to everything! 


We will be able to go over learning to reinforce and consolidate when they return to school (we do it every September, after the long summer holiday!) so they will not miss out!


Keep healthy and happy!


Much love,

Genny xx


Class Willow                                                          WB     23.3.20                          



Reading                  Learning Intention


 Spellings in sentences. ‘ful’, ‘ly’, ‘less’ .  


Column subtraction           2 x table


The Great Fire of London.  Samuel Pepys’ Diary. 






  Column subtraction           2x table


Samuel Pepys’ Diary


The Easter Story


‘ly’ suffix


Reading and Phonics ‘ly’


Column subtraction - borrowing  2 x table


Basketball ;  practise your ball skills – dribbling and throwing and catching.


Singing and signing.  Go on Makaton Carpark karaoke and join in. I love ‘I’m on my way…’


Use a digital camera to take photos of spring




Column subtraction- borrowing    2 x table


Samuel Pepy’s Diary


To explain how some materials can change shape

Phonics /spelling

‘ly’ suffix



2 x table and spelling test



Column Subtraction – borrowing  


‘The Wolf’s Story ‘  Making a book


Drawing buildings


See below for extra explanation for the week.


Reading              Learning Intention


Spellings in sentences: Read spellings and go over the meanings.

Put spellings into sentences (B.B.  x4)  (M.B x 3)  (L.B. x 2)


Column subtraction – be patient it is the first time they have done it!

See (Year 2  Written Addition and subtraction Strategies Column Subtraction (within 100, no regrouping). 1 worksheet – should be in maths pack.   2 x table (YouTube, TT Rockstars)


See  Year 2 Great Fire of London for Samuel Pepys Diary, reading comprehension or Smartboard notepad PowerPoint.  What is a diary?  Remember ‘The diary of the killer Cat’ by Anne Fine and the Science Week diaries we did.  Highlight your favourite words and phrases. Write a diary entry, for the first day as if you were Samuel Pepys.   Sunday, 2nd September, 1666




Column subtraction (as above) 1 worksheet.     2 x table


Monday, 3rd September, 1666


Draw a story map to retell the Easter story, starting with the entry into Jerusalem.  Write a caption for each picture.


‘ly’ suffix adverbs.  Play guess the adverb game- (  Choose a verb, e.g. ‘walking’ and then an adverb e.g. happily, sadly, merrily, crossly. Your partner has to guess what the adverb is.


Reading and phonics ‘ly’  See BBC bitesize adverbs.


Column subtraction – borrowing – they will be even more confused, you might need a lie down in a darkened room! Column subtraction ( within 100 all regrouping)


Basketball or see Joe Wicks Morning exercise. ‘The Body Coach TV (YouTube)


See timetable above.




Reading         Phonics/spelling:   Adjectives (describing words) - discuss adding ‘ful’ as a suffix – note the different spelling to ‘full’


Column subtraction – borrowing    1 worksheet (a stiff drink might be needed by now!        2 x table


Samuel Pepys’ Diary  Tuesday, 4th September, 1666


Explore how the shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed -  drinks can, pipe cleaner, sock, drinking straw, Playdoh, bath towel, sponge, elastic band, ball, Plastercine, Blu tac, clay etc…


Make a table to record if you can:  Squash it, Bend it, Twist it and Stretch it



2x table and spelling test



Column subtraction- 1 worksheet


‘The Wolf’ Story’ in the homework pack.  Make your own mini book.  On my printed version of the story, highlight the rhyming words.


Go outside and draw a picture of your house, or the houses in your road.  Do they look like the Tudor/Stuart buildings of 1666? Notice the different patterns in the bricks, tiles, drain covers, windows, doors and house names and numbers.

Willow Class - Year 2

Spellings –23.3.20




2 x Table





















bravely hopeless






















Dear Willows,


I have been into school today - it was so strange without you - I miss you!   I hope you are making the most of the sunshine.  I have a beautiful cock pheasant in the garden and two hen pheasants - my Birman, Minty is very interested in them, but too lazy to chase them!  I think I had better get her inside!


Joke of the day:  'What do you call a boomerang that won't come back?    A stick!


Maths Word Problem:    Lee leaves school at 3 o'clock.   He takes 15 minutes to walk home.  At what time does Lee get home?


I found a lovely site for doing interactive jigsaw puzzles : The 


Be good for Mummy and Daddy and see you soon!



Mrs. Ferguson xx





Good Morning Willows!


Another beautiful day!  Whilst the sun is shining and it is dry, it is the ideal weather to collect some flowers and leaves to press. Just pick a few flowers - daisies, buttercups, dandelions and primroses, for example, and some leaves. Then place them face down on some kitchen roll (or loo roll if you can spare it!) and put another piece of paper on top. Next place your flower sandwich in between sheets of newspaper and pile some heavy books on top.  My mum used to put them under the mat, which worked well - I found some the other day, which I had done when i was a little girl!  Leave them for a couple of weeks to dry out and then you can use them to make a beautiful card or bookmark or even to start a project on flowers!  You could send a card you have made to your Grandmas and Grandpas- they would love it!


If you google BBC Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys, you can watch the video we would have watched in class.  You'll never guess what he did with his cheese!  It will help you, when you write his diary.


Joke of the day: What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?   Thunderwear!



Maths Word Problem:  The house numbers in my street are 15, 17, 19, 21, but the last one has fallen off - what should it be?


Keep washing and anti-baccing!



Mrs.Ferguson x


Dear Parents,

For Mothering Sunday, my husband set up 'Zoom' so we could see, chat and play games (jackbox, fibbage is brilliant!) with our five children. He uses it at work and can conference up to 100 people!  I was also able to read my grandson his bedtime story!  I cannot recommend it highly enough to keep in contact with your loved ones and it is free!


Stay healthy and happy!

Genny x










Good Morning Willows!


What a beautiful morning - the frost was glistening in the sunshine on my lawn - so pretty!



Joke of the day:  What time is it when the clock strikes 13?   Time to get a new clock!


Maths Word Problem:   The numbers on the cards should all be odd:  which number is not correct?

1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15.    What should the number be?


Chain letters:  How many words can you make, by just changing the first letter of CAKE?



As you know, i love to keep fit by doing Zumba and I have found a good site for you to dance along to: GoNoodle. Have fun and KEEEEP DANCING!!


i was absolutely delighted to receive an email and photos of Arthur and his home learning. Do send me pictures of what you are doing and any  'show and tell' to keep our Team Willow informed!


Much love,

Mrs Ferguson xx





Hello Willows!


I have been in to school today and was so tired that when I got home I had a snooze!  Anyway, I am feeling much more lively now and have been reading some lovely emails from you.  I set Arthur a challenge to build a model of The Great Fire of London out of Lego, like Florrie's beautiful creation.  Have a look at the pictures.  Do you think you could do one - it doesn't have to be out of Lego!


Joke of the day:What did one toilet say to another?   You look a bit flushed!


Maths Word Problems: Owen goes on a ferry.  He sleeps for 4 hours of the journey and is awake for 5 hours.  How long is the journey?


Chain letters:  How many words can you make from 'tail', by just changing the first letter?


Sleep tight and i will keep you posted tomorrow.



Mrs. Ferguson x

The link below has been sent to me by the Kent Literacy Adviser.  It has lots of tried and tested websites, which might be useful over Easter and the coming weeks.

Home learning web-links for Early Years and Primary



Good evening Willows!


I am sorry I haven't written today - I couldn't edit our page, but I have been busy writing a report!


I have had some lovely emails and pictures from you - keep up the good work!


Joke of the day:  How are false teeth like stars?   They come out at night!


Maths Word Problem:  I am three 10s more than 21.  What am I?


Chain Letters:  How many words can you make from the word 'bare' by just changing the first letter?


If you go on the website 'The World of David Walliams', he reads from his book each day at 11.00 am.  You can also read lots of books on Oxford Owl. #LearnToLoveNature has lots of challenges to do around your house and garden, such as scavenger hunts.


For Mums and Dads : The National Theatre is live streaming plays every Thursday at 7.00.  The first one ' One Man Two Guvnors ' I have seen at the Marlowe Theatre: it is probably the funniest play I have ever seen - I thoroughly recommend it!


Have a lovely, safe weekend - remember children,  to keep washing and anti-baccing and be kind to Mum and Dad!


Best wishes,


Mrs. Ferguson x


A Video from Sofia

Still image for this video

Term 4

Week 3

Week ending 13.3.20


What an amazing Science Week we have had!


The children have written diaries about what has happened on each day;  we have had a visit from Mrs. Levett, showing us how to make mini greenhouses out of old CD cases, Karen from Affinity Water explained how we should save water, scientists from Pfizers showed us the germs on our hands to encourage us to wash our hands thoroughly and finally we had a flying display from a barn owl and an eagle owl, and learned lots of interesting facts about owls.  Most of us had our pictures taken with Tallulah, the Barn Owl.  To round off the week, we carried out an investigation on which was the stretchiest sweet!  A huge thank you to Mrs. Strover for organising such a diverse and interesting week.


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned my 10 x table.'

'I learned that plurals can be made in different ways.'

'I learned that if a noun or verb ends in a 'y', if you want to add 's', you must change the 'y' into an 'i' and add 'es', e.g. cry becomes cries, fly becomes flies.'

'I learned how to write a diary.'

'I learned how to do column addition, carrying a ten.'

'I made a picture of an owl, using colourful feathers.'




Term 4

Week 2

Week ending 6.3.20


The week ended with a visit from Tony the Mathematics and Science Magician:  we really enjoyed his fun experiments and learned a lot. Afterwards we made spinning fish!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 x table.'

'I learned the 'zh' phoneme and graphemes: 'si' (telvision), sure' (treasure) and 'ge' (beige).'

'I learned about the Easter Story.'

'I learned how to make a 3D Tudor house.'

'I learned how to make a 'Rodney, the Right- angle Cruncher!'

'I can find right-angles.'

'I can find things that have angles smaller than a right-angle- (acute).'

I can find things that have angles greater than a right-angle - (obtuse).'

'I made a Tudor house with strips of black paper for the timber.'

'I learned the < ( fewer than), > ( greater than) and = (the same as) signs.

Term 4

Week 1

Week ending 28.2.20


Lovely to see the children back after half-term!


On Tuesday we went to The Three Hills Sports' Centre in Cheriton for a Year 1/2 Football Tournament.  Many of the children were a little nervous as they had not played football before, however, they soon realised that most of the other children were 'in the same boat' and quickly embraced the games' values of sportsmanship.  We were very proud of our children, who without fail went and shook hands with their opponents and thanked the referees.  The teachers awarded medals to Sophia B, Lucas and Megan for their 'have a go' attitude!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned my 2 x table.'

'I learned the 'wa' and 'qua' phonemes/ graphemes.'

'I learned about why The Great Fire of London spread.'

'I learned how to write a 'spine' poem about football.'

'I learned to edit my story of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'

'I learned how to carry out a survey.'

'I learned how to collect data.'

'I learned how to make a bar chart.'

'I learned how to answer questions from my bar chart.'

'I learned how to carry out an investigation in science.'

'I learned how to test if all paper is good for drawing on.'

'I learned how to play basketball.'