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Good Afternoon Team Willow!


I hope you are all well!


We are nearly at the end of the summer term and the school year! I have really missed teaching you and watching your progress, but hope you have enjoyed doing the home learning. I have enjoyed doing the planning, but it's not the same...


Joke of the Day: How does a scientist freshen her breath? With experi-mints!


Maths Word Problem: Jade has four cakes: she cuts each cake into 5 pieces.  How many pieces are there altogether?


Target Word:  Can you find the word from this anagram?  ACERTEH   How many smaller words can you make from the letters?


You might find these links interesting:


You might like to sign up for the Summer of Kindness calendar:


Check out these reading books online!  Username: UKfreeaccess  Password: engage


Also look at these Renaissance books - you can do your AR quizzes as well!

 Username elham583student   Password: read



Have a lovely afternoon!


Keep safe and remember to keep washing and anti-baccing!




Mrs. Ferguson x