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Star of the Week

This weeks star of the week is Adele.

You have had a fabulous week. We have been so impressed with your perseverance in phonics and we can really see the improvement. You are gaining in confidence in guided reading and you are beginning to read more fluently. 


In maths you have worked hard to recognise and learn 2D and 3D shapes. You are a kind and helpful member of Hazel class. Very well done Adele. 

Merit Badges

Merit badges this week go to:

Levi: For a fabulous piece of non-fiction writing about toys.

Adele: For always thinking of others. 

In maths today the children have been learning to recognise and name common 3-D shapes (cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid).  We looked at these shapes and talked about how some of the shapes have flat faces, some have curved faces and some have both. The children were able to recognise the 2-D shapes they could see on the flat faces of these shapes. 


We then used play-doh to make a variety of 3-D shapes. 

The children have been making 2D shapes in maths this week.  We have folded, cut and torn pieces of paper into 2D shapes and used lots of different manipulatives to make shapes and shapes into pictures.  The children have learned the word 'polygon'.

In computing the children are continuing to learn to use 'Paint'.  They have used the shapes on paint to make pictures in the style of Mondrian.  The poster below is a combination of all of their pictures.