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Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - What the Ladybird Heard

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Welcome to Story Time with Mrs Ferguson - Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin...

Happy 7th Birthday Sofia for 10 April 2020

Dear Willows,


I hope you had a wonderful Easter break; the weather was gorgeous, so I hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine and that the Easter Bunny visited you!  I have Bouncer and Betsy at home with me and they have been coming on walks with us, having lots of cuddles and eating all my carrots!


Joke of the day: Why did the children cross the playground?  To get to the other slide!


Maths Word Problem:  Ten children take it in turns to read a book for charity.  Each child reads for 5 minutes.  What is the total time for the ten children?


Remember to check out my story time on the website.  I am reading you some of our favourite stories!


Have a lovely weekend and...keep washing and anti-baccing!



Lots of love,


Mrs. Ferguson x


Pictures from Immanu'el and Sofia

Pictures of Frankie at Easter


Willow Class            Learning Intention


































‘el’ and ‘le’  www.spellingplay  Go to Spelling Planning Units, Word families and letter strings, Long or Short game


3 x table

Position and Direction: download Position and Direction Warm Up ppt from twinkl ( Access Code: UKTWINKLHELPS



Apostrophes for contraction: KS 1 Apostrophes for Contraction ppt from  Access Code: UKTWINKLHELPS

 Practise : Year 2 Apostrophes


Living things and their Habitats: Watch 

CHALLENGE: After viewing, children could plant seeds in pots.

Sunflowers are easy to grow and we could see who can grow the tallest sunflower!

When the seedlings grow, they could place the pots in different locations around the house and garden.

For example, they could put pots in sunnier and shadier positions. When watering the pots, they should give the same amount to each plant.

The children could measure the height of each plant at regular intervals and plot the results on a line graph.

You could ask the children to suggest reasons for any differences in growth between plants in different locations.





Spelling/ Phonics


 www.spellingplay ‘el’ and ‘le’  Go to Spelling Planning Units, Word families and letter strings – ‘le’ Letter String.



3 x table Song (cover of Uptown Funk) .

Position and Direction: download  Zoo Co-ordinates Worksheets


Apostrophes for possession: download Apostrophes for possession ppt from Access Code: UKTWINKLHELPS



Draw and colour pictures of spring flowers.  Look very carefully at the leaves and petals. Draw what you see, not what you think is there!  Look at Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers and how they have inspired other artists:


Now, can you ‘innovate’ your pictures by changing the colours, shapes and sizes of your flowers? Why not stick your masterpieces in the window to make an art gallery for your neighbours to see?  You could make a rainbow of flowers to celebrate the NHS!