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Week 1 01.06.20

Week 1 


Welcome back Year 1! I hope you have all had a lovely break over the half term and are ready for more exciting learning in Term 6.


Myself and Ms Shepherd were in school last week to clean the classroom and prepare for when some of you return to school. The classrooms look a little different and are not what you are used to. They do look very clean and tidy though!


Some of you may be coming back to school in a couple of weeks and doing your learning here. Have a look at the video that Mr File has emailed to your grown-ups so that you can see what the classrooms look like.


From now on me and Ms Shepherd will be putting all the learning on the website for the whole week. There will be five topic-based activities so one for each day or whenever you choose to do them – whatever works best for you and your families.   


Don’t forget you can send us pictures of all the wonderful learning you have been doing. We really love seeing them!


Be happy, be safe, love Mrs Grady & Ms Shepherd xx


For the next few weeks we will be looking at Phase 5 and focussing on new pronunciations for known graphemes. We will begin to recognise that some words need to be tried out to find the correct one.


Monday: Today is ‘i’ as in fin and find (can you hear the difference as you sound out these two words?)


Play Cheeky Chimps – see link below. Choose the ‘i’ sound and help the chimps decide the tricky grapheme for each word.

Tuesday: Today is ‘o’ as in hot and cold (can you hear the difference as you sound out these two words?)


Look at the word mat below. Use the table to write the words with the ‘o’ sound as in 'hot' in one box and the words with the ‘o’ sound as in ‘cold’ in the other box.

Wednesday: Today is 'c' as in cat and cent.  Choose the 'c' sound and help the chimps decide the 'c' for the tricky word.

Thursday:  Today is 'g' as in got and giant.  Choose the 'g' sound and help the squirrel find the correct spelling.
Friday: today is 'u' as in but and put.  Choose the 'u' sound and help the squirrel find the correct spelling.


Reading is so important so please read for 15 minutes every day.

Tell someone in your house about the book you have read. This could be a picture book that you know or it could be a new book that you try to read independently to yourself. You could read to your favourite teddy or toy. You could also listen to a free audio story or look at a story online.


Take a look at the Active Primary Website. It is another lovely way for the children to engage in reading. You should select Bug Club and then Independent. There are loads of reading books appropriate for your child. Start with phase 5 but if too tricky go to phase 3 or 4. 


Username:  admin

Password:  changeme

School code: elha



Activity One:

LI: I am finding out why humans are affected by the weather.

Look through the slides below which begin to explain how the weather changes for each season as well as the amount of daylight.


Complete the worksheet to help me understand about the length of the day as the seasons change.

Activity Two:

LI: I am finding out where food comes from.

Watch the slides below to find out where certain foods that we eat come from.


Cut and stick the pictures in the correct box – do they come from plants or animals?

Activity Three:

LI:  I can practise my ball skills (both hands, right or left

When I was a little girl, I used to play a ball game called sevens.  You do one thing seven times, the next thing six times and so on until you get to the last thing, which you only do once.  If you make a mistake you have to start again!  

Watch the videos below.  The first is of me playing sevens.  The second gives you some ideas of how to learn to control your ball with a bat or a raquet.

Have fun!



Still image for this video

Bat and ball skills

Still image for this video

Activity Four:

LI:  I am learning the Jewish version of the story of Noah's Ark


You all know the story of Noah's Ark.  We have the puzzle in class and we have also practised counting in twos as we watched a video of the animals entering the ark (how far can you still count in 2s, by the way?).

Today you are going to read (or listen to) the Jewish version of the story.  It is called The Lie and Evil enter the Ark.  When you have finished, answer the questions below.  Then draw a picture of the Lie and Evil!

The Lie and the Evil enter the Ark


1.  How is the Jewish version of the story different from the Christian version?

2.  Why did nobody want to let the Lie on board?

3.  Why do you think nobody had ever asked Evil to marry her?

4.  Which word in the text tells you Noah was not pleased to let the Lie and Evil on bard?

5.  What happened when the rain stopped?

6.  Why was the Earth once again full of wickedness?

7.  Which version of the story do you prefer and why?

Activity Five:

LI:  I can explain where money comes from and why we need it


You are going to be thinking about money!  How do you keep your money safe?  Do you prefer to spend or save money?  Do you know where money comes from and what it is used for?


Look at the powerpoint about money.  There are some questions for you to answer.  You will  be asked about people with different jobs.  Open the document to see all the different jobs.  Then fill in the work sheet.


What do these people do and what do they spend money on?

Activity six  (we forgot about computing!)

LI:  I can create my own book on the computer

This term we will be learning how to create our own books on the computer with pictures and text and including animation (movement) and sounds.