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Term 1

Week 1

Wow! What a fantastic first week the amazing Acorn class have had!

The children have settled in to school really well and are learning lots of new routines. We have already been out on to the playground with all of the other children and everyone played happily, some were so excited to see their big brothers and sisters. We have made our own labels for our pegs and have drawn a self-portrait for the front of our books. We all enjoyed a walk around the school to visit Mr File, Mrs Risby and all of the other classes. We had a look at the hall where we will have our lunch next week. The food smelt yummy! Our favourite story this week has been Little Lumpty, we are all so pleased when he is safe! 

Week 2

Another super week for Acorn Class

We are learning lots of new routines and are all getting used to where things are and what we do in school.

We had our first school dinners, which were very yummy! All of the children behaved well and ate their dinners really nicely. We all tried hard to use our knives and forks. Thanks to the Year 6 buddies who were on hand to help.

We are learning to use our listening skills and were amazed that when we were really quiet we could hear so many things, Edie could even hear the class clock!



It was lovely to see so many parents today. Hope you had fun!

We are so excited to stay all day next week.

Week 3

Wow! our first full week! We have been very busy. We have been learning all about acorns. The children know that acorns grow into oak trees and can identify an oak leaf.  On Monday we walked around the school field and found all of our class trees. We found everything except for an oak tree! So on Friday we all planted acorns. We really hope that they grow into oaks trees then we can plant them in the school grounds. We used our fab new mud kitchen to do our planting. We also went into assembly this week with the whole school. We have done really well!

Week 4

Our second full week and Acorn class are doing really well. We have learnt all about Harvest Festival this week. We had our first visit to the church where we showed our harvest pictures and even sang a song! We have also learnt some sounds this week. Ask your child if they can sing you the 's' 'a' and 't' songs. PE in the hall was fun, we changed our shoes and socks and tried really hard to take our own jumpers on and off.

Week 5

This week Acorn class have been learning about our families, the children drew a super picture of their family with lots of lovely pets included. We used some of the sounds we have learnt to help us to label.

We have used the classic and much loved ‘Pat Hutchins’ story ‘Titch’ to inspire us. Titch is little and has a medium sized sister and a big brother. This story also helped us to learn the language related to measuring such as big, bigger and small, and to compare and order according to size.

As well as lots of learning we have also had lots of fun. Check out the pictures of smiley, happy children investigating and discovering during our Child Initiated Time.

Week 6

This week Acorn class have been learning about the characters from the Oxford Reading Tree stories. We have met Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the dog. The children used adjectives to describe the family. We practised our cutting and measuring skills to make a collar for the class toys so that they don’t get lost. We also made our own Floppy ears. In maths we sorted Floppy’s biscuits into bowls of different shapes and colours.

Outside we have been constructing with the large blocks, building a helicopter is the favourite this week.

Week 7

Book week has been great fun this week. We have had a variety of workshops to support our learning and had lots of fun.

Our focus has been the author Roald Dahl and his amazing stories. We learnt a little bit about Roald Dahl himself and found it fascinating that he wrote all of his wonderful stories in an outhouse in his garden, and he only wrote on yellow paper. Acorn class chose Charlie and the Chocolate factory as our story. We designed our own sweets for the factory and described them using adjectives. We sorted lots of sweets according to what color or shape they were. On Friday we all dressed up as Roald Dahl characters, everyone looked fantastic.

The children have had a super first term and have learnt so much already.

Have a great Half Term Acorns