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week 6 6.7.2020

Gaby and Beaumont have sent in their illustrated poems ready for our classroom display. Well done you two - they are great! Please remember to email your pictures to me so that I can print them off for our display board!

Friday 10th July

Once again I forgot to tell you the results for this weeks AR quizzes - sorry - as you can imagine, routines are somewhat crazy at the moment!

Congratulations to Beaumont (9 points), Jack (2 points) and Sarah (3 point). I will be looking at the leader-board next week to find who has earned the most points in lockdown, so get those quizzes completed as soon as possible so that we can announce the winner on Wednesday. 

Well done to those of you who have completed your Star Reading Test - if you haven't done it yet, please do so by Monday.

By now you should all have the email from school about our meeting on Wednesday next week! I'm so excited that we can finally have you back in school for a little while so we can have a real conversation and not a virtual one! 

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Strover x

Tuesday 7th July

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are some of the different varieties of buttercup Eddie found in Science yesterday. How many varieties did you identify?

Monday 6th July 2020

I hope you didn't get blown away by the crazy wind we've has this weekend!

The weeds in my veg patch have been very busy growing, so the girls and I have been breaking our backs pulling them out! We emptied our first bucket of potatoes - I got ridiculously excited to find the new potatoes that had grown and the dog wondered what all the fuss was about!

Have a great week

Mrs Strover x

I'm really excited about English this week - you will be looking at the stories of Jabu and the Lion and comparing it with Androcles and the Lion; writing you own story endings and your own story about Keeping Promises. At the end of the week you will be looking at one of the all-time classic poems - Tyger, by William Blake. You'll watch Deadly Sixty with my favourite naturalist, Steve Backshall (I admit to having a bit of a crush on him!) and then practise your beautiful handwriting and illustration skills. I really hope you enjoy the activities this week. For any of you who have read Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo - Tyger is the poem the main character refers to when he's sitting on an elephant!
Maths this week is applying the skills you have learned throughout the year - you will be adding and subtracting near multiples of 10,100 and 1000 and using mental strategies to add and subtract, then learning about equivalence. You will be finding areas of squares and rectangles and estimating the area of irregular shapes.

Science - Grouping and Classification

Continuing from last week's tree classification, try activity 3: Buttercup identification. Did you know there are several varieties of buttercup? This is a lovely activity for a sunny afternoon - how many of the different types of buttercup can you find and identify? Please take lots of photos of you carrying out your Scientific study and send them to me to share with the class!


Week 6: What can we do to help to protect the Amazon Rainforest?

What are the 5 ways WWF says we can help to fight deforestation?

Make a plate placard – take a photo of it and send it to me so that I can put it on our class webpage.

You can post your placard directly to WWF:

Plate Placards
The Living Planet Centre
Rufford House
Brewery Road
Woking, GU21 4LL

Or drop it in to school and I will post them together.


PE. Try the Domes and Dishes game and then play Boccia


Our classroom is not only lacking its lovely children, but also some of your lovely artwork. Please copy out a favourite poem (or story/article - it needs to fit on one or two pages) in your very neatest handwriting and illustrate it - look at today's English lesson for ideas. Send me a photo of your work that I can print out and display in the classroom.


LQ Why do people of different religions choose to get married?

Look at the powerpoint.

What are the similarities and differences in the different ceremonies described? If you decided to get married, which elements would you choose from each religion for your own ceremony? Would you have a religious ceremony? What other types of wedding ceremony can you find out about? How are weddings different during lockdown?