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We learned about Shabbat in RE and the children were amazed to learn that you are not allowed any electrical gadgets for the whole day - you can't even have the lights on!

The boys tried wearing the Jewish skullcap, called a Kippah.

Tin foil seems to be a good material for a boat because it is waterproof.  However, it is also very delicate and not that strong if you fill your boat with 2p coins!

In maths the children have started to learn about arrays.  They know the words row and column, but get them muddled up!

King Charles III

We have finished painting our portraits of the King just in time for the Coronation. I think you will all agree they are absolutely fantastic, and definitely a true resemblance! 

Coronation Tea.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon tea, the children all looked amazing in their outfits and crowns.