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Term 6

Friday 5th June


Happy Friday everyone!


It is spelling test day again, but this week I have changed the way you are going to complete it. Instead of just listening to me, I have set the test as a quiz in Purple Mash which will tell you if you get each word correct, plus I will be able to see how well you have done too. You will still hear my voice as usual, but will also have a box in which to write the word (all in lower case please!).


To access this week's test, please log in to Purple Mash at Click on 2Dos at the top of the page and you should see this week's spelling test at the top - there is a screenshot below to show you what it looks like. 


When you have finished the test, please save your work if asked to do so, so that I can see your score. Do let me know how you get on with this please.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Godden xx

Your Purple Mash Spelling Test 2Do

Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning Oak Class!


I hope you are all doing well and working hard at home today. As it has been almost two weeks since I put your spellings on the class page, I thought it would be good to remind you of the words you are learning for our spelling test on Friday.


If you don't recognise any of these words, make sure you look them up in a dictionary. I will be recording the test as usual all of you at home and I will test those of you who are in school on Friday in class.


Good luck everyone!


Mrs Godden x


This week's spellings (some more Year 7 words):






















Monday 1st June


Good morning Oak Class!


We hope that you have had a wonderful half-term break and are looking forward to your final term at Elham School, even if it may be very different from normal. As Mrs Short has said, we will do our best to make it special for you all and we will be looking at ways of bringing the whole class together, especially when it comes to our transition sessions. We will let you know as soon as we have sorted this out.


We will continue with the Hamilton plans for English and Maths and for all other subjects we will try to adapt what we are doing in class for you so that you are covering the same topics as your friends who are back in school.


As usual, Mrs Short and I will be checking our emails every day, so keep asking us questions and sending us in your work please.


Best wishes and stay safe.


Mrs Godden xx


This term in class we will be studying a Language Angels unit called 'Moi dans le monde' (Me in the world). Language Angels have put some of their units online for home learning and luckily this is one of them, so you can study along with the rest of the class.


Go to and login using Username ElhamC1352 and password lahome. On the home screen, click on Moi dans le monde under Super Challenge Level. Now click on Lesson 1, then Start lesson. I would suggest that you print off the Unit Vocabulary Sheet and the PowerPoint Translation before you begin so that you can check any words or phrases you do not understand.


Now run the PowerPoint presentation, remembering to click on the microphone button to hear the French spoken and to click anywhere in the slide to reveal any answers and then to move on to the next slide. When you have finished the presentation, choose one of the written activities to complete - there are three levels to choose from, so choose the one you feel most comfortable doing.


If you try Lesson 1 and find it too challenging, you may go back and choose one of the Intermediate Challenge Level units instead. The important thing is to keep trying to learn a little French each week. Try to send me any completed work for me to give you some feedback on.



This term we are going to learn how to use spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are a really useful tool for carrying out lots of calculations easily and for storing and sorting information. For instance, we use spreadsheets at school for keeping information on your passwords and on your progress in different subjects.


To complete this unit you will need the Excel software which is part of the Microsoft basic package. If you have Word on your home PC, you will almost certainly have Excel as well. If you don't, please let me know.


Below you will find the lesson plan and the resources for this week's lesson.  Have fun with it.



This term we are studying our final Understanding Christianity unit - Kingdom of God. This week's LQ is 'Where is the Kingdom of God?' and your lesson plan can be found below.


Friday 29th May

Good morning year 6!


As you will have heard by now, we have been given the go-ahead by the Government for some of you to return to school next week. I have come in to school today to get things ready for you. School will look different from what you are used to, and there will be new rules and ways of doing things we will have to learn. 


We will be doing some Maths and English and our usual curriculum, but also lots of talking and activities to help make sure you are all in a good place and ready to go to secondary school. I will be teaching on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Godden on Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Vincent, Mrs Strover and Mrs Slingsby will also be in our bubble! Mrs Strover and Mrs Slingsby will be with the Year 6 Key-worker children on Wednesday.


I know we won't have a lot of the usual things we do at the end of year 6, but we will try to make the last few weeks at Elham as special as we can.


For those of you who are not coming in, we will continue to put learning online for you and set you similar activities  to what we are doing in class. Keep an eye on the class page for your work.


Have a lovely weekend everyone, and I will see some of you on Monday.




Mrs Short xx