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The children couldn't wait to have a look at the potato this morning to see if it had started to grow. Despite everyone hoping to see a shoot, sadly it had not happened over the weekend. We gave it some more water and are hoping by the end of the week we will see some changes. 


Our focus in English this week is to create a spine poem based on a plant. We thought up some really interesting adjectives and verbs to describe what each part of a plant was doing and what it looked like. 



In maths today we looked at halves and wholes. We started off by cutting fruit in half and talked about how each half must be exactly the same. The children then had to work out how they could fold a square piece of paper in half 3 times, lots of us could do 2 different ways but were puzzled with the third. 

Our plant theme continued in science, we looked at the life cycle of a plant and drew and labelled our own life cycle.

The children have learnt about Moses today and how he had to be hidden in the river Nile because he was an Israelite and would have been killed.  They made their own river Nile scenes.

In D.T. this week the children continued their theme on boats and made a stick raft. These will be finished off next week and put to the test to see if they will float. 

Todays maths was all about quarters, we thought about how many quarters make up a whole and how they all needed to be equal. The children then had the task of cutting up a tomato into quarters, we realised it was very tricky trying to get all the parts equal.