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WC 22.01.24

Woodland art - Charcoal and masking tape effects

This week in maths we used a written method to calculate divisions.  We learnt that the bus stop method starts with the digit with the highest value, and that we need to carry our remainders to the left.  In english we used powerful verbs to describe how a monster moves and talks.  We then used the method of show not tell to describe in detail emotions, for our readers to create pictures in their mind of what characters are feeling.  In Science we learnt about 3 different types of skeletons that animals have, and what the advantages and disadvantages of these are.  In art we created some lovely woodland scenes using masking tape to show perspective and for 'place holders'.  We then blended charcoal to show depth.  In music we finished writing our rap verses, we had to consider number of beats and rhyming sounds to ensure it had rhythm and flow.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Hall and Miss Laslett