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Week 2 08.06.2020

Wow, week 2 already, time seems to be flying at an exponential rate and we are missing having you all in our classroom. We are sure you're working the best you can and it's great to hear from those of you who have been in contact last week. Remember to continue to practice your times tables and spellings and read read read, if any of you have read an amazing book during your time at home, it would be wonderful if you created a book review to share with your peers, this could even be a short video recommendation if you like. Create your review and send it to us via email and we can upload for us all to read and be inspired by. 


New spellings to be learnt and tested next week

Art- Create a viewfinder and take yourself to a spot in your garden, draw a detailed observational sketch of what you see in your viewfinder

DT- Our project over the next few weeks is to design and create your very own shoebox habitat for the creature that you designed last term. Think about, where they will sleep and eat and what they will need to keep them alive.

Creative Writing

Still image for this video
Write a diary entry in role as either the boy or from the perspective of the tree house.
Think about the adventures you would have had, use exciting and interesting descriptions and also portray your characters' emotions.

How would they feel at the start?
What memories would they have had?
How was the tree house built?
Describe the setting, think about the difference between the city and the countryside.

Once you've completed your writing, have a go at designing your dream Tree House.

Owen has been enjoying creating his lovely artwork, online juggling with Mr File and Learning French with his auntie

Erin has designed an amazing dream Tree House, complete with BBQ.

My Bedroom View by Eli Duke


From my bedroom window I can see the dark white sky no sun in sight. As I lower my eyes slowly down I can see tops of green trees, waving lightly in the wind. As I lower my eyes further down I can see tops of wooden and brick houses.

Through the leaves I can see a window and a lamp post. Lowering my eyes even further down I see a small bush and berry bush towering over the fence. In my garden I see a shed, hot tub, rose bush with pink roses on it. A straight pathway leading to the kitchen door. Last thing I see looking down is the conservatory roof.

It’s a peaceful view which makes me happy.


We really enjoyed reading Eli's fantastic description of what he sees from his bedroom window, he has used lovely expanded noun phrases and great adverbs to really enhance his writing. Well done and thank you for sharing. 



George's Super Information Poster for Mary of Exeter- The Famous Carrier Pigeon

Miles practicing his drum skills

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