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WC 15.01.24

This week in maths we have been continuing to multiply using a column method, but long multiplication, multiplying by more than 1 digit.  We needed to be really accurate with our times tables, carrying into the next columns, and including the place holders.  In English we created our own heroes like Beowulf, and used superlatives such as strongest and bravest to emphasise their greatness!  We did some peer editing of each other's writing to improve and correct our descriptions.  In Science, we looked at food labels, and how different animals need different diets.  We then investigated some statements about nutrition, such as if a food is high in fat, it's also high in salt - which was false.  We composed the next verse for our rap song about bullying in music, and in computing, we programmed codes to write our initials on Logo.  Half of the class went to Young Voices at the O2 on Tuesday, and shared with us afterwards about their experience, and it sounded amazing!  

Have a lovely weekend, and see you next week.

Mrs Hall and Miss Laslett