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Learning from home

The following page has been set up in the unfortunate event of closure of the school.  


How do I use this page?

1- Take a look at the Medium Term Plans (MTP) on the Curriculum 2020 page.

Click here to see the MTPs

2- Check the MTP and see what your child would have been learning if they had been in school.

3- Pick a topic area and find a link that may support that learning or use a search engine to research that area as a team!

4- Look at the class pages and see what your child's teacher has added to help support home learning for you and your child/ren.

5-  Usethe record sheet to keep a log of what you have done so your child's teacher can bridge any gaps when normality resumes!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Dear Children, Parents, Staff and Governors of Elham Primary School,

I write to you at the end of term four where in normal circumstances we would be celebrating the coming of Easter in St Mary's Church.  We would be looking at the wonders of the Easter Story and celebrating the coming of springtime with songs, poems and prayers. However, this is not the case this year. Instead we have not been together at school for nearly two weeks, staying at home with our families and trying to make the most of an unprecedented time in all of our lives. Staying at home is the advice given by the experts so we can help the NHS and healthcare professionals fight COVID-19.

I have to say that you have all impressed me with the way you have embraced the new challenges that we face.  The wonderful staff have been updating the home learning pages on our website and keeping in touch with children and families via email.  They have also ensured that we have been able to keep our school open, when needed, offering childcare for the children of critical workers who are continuing to work on the front line in the fight against this wretched virus.

Parents have become teachers and have been using online resources to ensure that the education of their children continues to the best of all our abilities. From my point of view, it really isn't easy educating one's own children!  I have been learning all sorts of new strategies that I am sure will serve me well when I get children in school saying 'no' or 'not yet', 'wait' or 'after this game.'  Secondary school maths is really 'not your thing, dad’ - okay, Amber and Jude, I get the message...but I am doing my best! 

Children, you have been working hard with your home learning and I am sure you haven't given your parents any grief or abuse like my own children have given me!  All I ask is you try and do a little reading, writing and maths each day which will keep your brain in gear.  Also, try and continue doing some physical activity everyday - Lou Hirst or Joe Wicks, or both! Listen to some music - sing with Alex McNeice each weekday at 3pm live on YouTube. Paint a picture or build a model.  Also, learn to use the washing machine, empty the dishwasher or cut the grass for your parents - every little helps at this time.

I know that some of you will be feeling worried about what the future holds.  Anxiety levels may be higher than normal for adults and children - it is good to talk. Share your thoughts and feelings with each other. If you want to talk to someone who is not in the same four walls as you, email the school office and either myself or Mrs Soutan will call you for a chat.  Also, help each other - pick up the phone to friends, WhatsApp each other or Facetime.  All the staff had a Zoom staff meeting this week and it was so great to catch up and see everyone's beautiful faces.  After the call, it was reassuring to know that everyone was okay and that we are all in the same boat, coping well to keep that boat afloat.

On the other side of this event in history, we will come out better people.  We will have learnt new things about ourselves, our friends and our family units. We know that we are strong and that together we are even stronger.

Stay safe, keep well, love one another and show that you care for those that need it. Well done TEAM ELHAM!  I miss you all so much and hope that we will be back together soon!

Happy Easter to you all. 

Dan File 

Monday 23rd March 2020

Dear parents,
Thank you for your wonderful support last week. It was a tough week for us all, but we got through it. Your children impressed me with their attitude and the way they really pulled together as a team.
As you are aware, we have set up a page on our website that will help you with home educating your children. I know that this will not be an easy task, and I am sure it fills some of you with fear and dread. Look, we are in unprecedented times. Don't force your children to sit at the table for hours doing learning activities they don't want to do. Pick your battles. Try and encourage them to read everyday and do a little bit of writing. Do a bit of maths, if you can, but make it fun.
Get in the garden and plant some seeds. Play a board game and laugh a lot.
This is a time that is scary for us all, but let's make the most of the time with our families. Do those things that you never have time to do. My family cleaned off the trampoline in the garden today. We plan on having PE time on it and learn new tricks (once I've got some tricks, I will post a video!) We are also going to invent some new games that we can play over the fence with our neighbours.
Look, what I am trying to say is try and enjoy the time. Yes learning is important, but let's be able to look back on this time and say that it was a massively positive experience and a memorable time in our children's lives.
Love each other and have loads of fun!
I am going to be checking my emails and Facebook daily so do keep me up to date with what you are doing!
Keep well and stay safe,
Dan File

Book Quizzes (Accelerated Reader)


We know that many of the children will be reading lots at home and will want to take the AR book quizzes to test their understanding of the books they read.  The URL to access the Elham School page is:


Each child's login is the first letter of their Christian name and the first four letters of their surname, all in capital letters. The password is ABC. So, for example, my login would be FGODD.


Before beginning a quiz, your child will be asked for another password. This is admin (all lower case).


If you have any problems, please email me at


Happy reading everyone!


Mrs Godden


Please use our school Facebook page to ask any questions regarding the home learning and staff will do their best to help out.  

Also, please use it to keep everyone up to date with the wonderful things you are doing & share ideas and activities to help keep everyone engaged and entertained!   

As well as learning linked to the MTPs, we hope that you will find time to read lots of stories, practice the spellings (lists will be uploaded to class pages) and practice times tables! 

School closure is also a time for your child to create a project around an area that they are really interested in.  They could research the topic and report their findings.  They could make a short film, design a set of revision cards to share with their friends.  They could make a model, write a song or poem linked to the topic!

It could also be a time to get your very own Blue Peter Badge- see the link for more information!

Website links

The following links have been set up and can be used to link to the medium term plans for specific classes. 

Many of these companies have waived the fee for use of their site during the Coronavirus19 outbreak.  We thank them for this gesture.


Times Tables Rock Stars

Great for Times Tables!


Creative computer programming


National Geographic Kids
Activities and quizzes for younger kids.


Prodigy Maths
Maths good for UK Primary age.


Cbeebies Radio
Listening activities for the younger ones.


Classroom Secrets

Learning packs for each year group.


Big History Project
Aimed at Secondary age. Multi disciplinary activities.


Purple Mash

A variety of packages for a variety of purposes.


Language Angels

A variety of games and resources to support language learning (French).

Username: elhampupils

Password: lafrenchgames


Blue Peter Badges
If you have a stamp and a nearby post box.


Geography Games
Geography gaming!


The Artful Parent
Good, free art activities


Red Ted Art
Easy arts and crafts for little ones


The Imagination Tree
Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.


Toy Theater
Educational online games


DK Find Out
Activities and quizzes


This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.