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week 5 29.6.2020

For our Topic work, Beaumont has made this informative powerpoint about rainforest destruction. He has found out about one of the major threats to the forests - clearing for palm oil production.

This is something I've been interested in for years now and saw the devestation with my own eyes when we flew across Borneo. It was very moving.


We have tried to avoid buying products containing unsustainable palm oil for about 5 years now - ever since I learned about it! My children would come shopping each week with me and check the packaging for the ingredients. We didn't buy most biscuits, products made with pastry, ice cream or chocolate for several years! Thankfully many companies are now "on board" with the sustainable palm oil message and we're glad to have much more selection with biscuits etc! Some supermarkets have committed to using only sustainable palm oil in their own brand products, so I regularly buy their pastry so that I can make pies!


The annoying thing is, palm oil itself is a brilliant crop - its versatile - hence is used in so many things, but also it crops every 2 weeks in tropical countries - yes 2 weeks! Incredible - that's why its so cheap! We just need to ensure we encourage our family and friends to buy only sustainable palm oil products which are grown in areas that do not destroy the forests.


Companies like Nutella, who make Ferrero Rocher chocs used to use "dirty" palm oil, but due to people like us boycotting their products and writing to their CEOs, they have changed - we really can make a difference to help protect our world...and get to eat delicious creations like our home-made Ferrero Rocher chocolates this week!



After learning about National Government in PSHE this week, Beaumont's family decided to hold a general election. Grandma's "Tomorrow" party won with 75% of the vote! This looks like great fun - well done Lester family!

I hope you didn't eat them all at once Joanna! Good work!

Beech class chefs! Oscar made honeycomb too - can we all have the recipe please? It looks amazing! Pictures from Beaumont, Eddie and Oscar - well done boys!

How to make the ferrero rocher chocolates - this is a very messy version made by my daughters! I suggest using spoons instead of your hands! Enjoy!

Still image for this video
So sorry about the change in time for the zoom tomorrow - I found out about this at the same time as you did on the email from Mrs Lewis. Instead I will be helping the year 6 teachers with a PE lesson. Sorry for any inconvenience caused - I really hope you can still come, I have been really looking forward to it.

Wednesday 1st July


Wow! It's July already! I realised that I'd forgotten to tell you your AR scores for a couple of weeks, so here are the "scores on the doors":

Arthur 6 points, Samuel 9 points, Beaumont 3 points, Lucy 2 points, Gaby 6 points, Phoebe 4 points, Jack  with a super score of 12 points (Harry Potter and thhe Chamber of Secrets) and Beau with a whopping 27 points (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). Well done to all of you that have taken quizzes - I know that lots of you are reading books that aren't on the AR scheme - make sure you send me a book review of anything you'd like to recommend or even tell others to avoid! Just keep reading!

This week I'd like you to do a Star Reading Test, which you should be able to access online at home. Please complete these by next Wednesday, so that I can print off a report for the class and let you know your new ZPD. Here's the link to the AR website where you can log in for the Star Test:


I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at our zoom meeting - remember to have all your ingredients ready and your hands washed! For those of you who will be in school tomorrow in the Key Worker Bubble - please bring in everything that you will need, including something to put your sweets on once they are made - you might like to use cupcake cases and a baking tray to transport them home! Staff in Silver Birch classroom will be on hand to supervise you (from a distance of course!), but they won't be able to give you any equipment or ingredients. 


Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Mrs S x

We have a zoom meeting booked in for this Thursday 2nd July at 10am - I hope you can come along!

We're planning a zoom with a difference this week: we're going to make some Ferrero Rocher style sweets, so please try to have the following ingredients ready:

1.5 weetabix,

1 tablespoon of chocolate spread (Nutella, or Aldi's cheaper equivalent for those without a nut allergy). Remember to check the label for Sustainable Palm Oil!

3/4 tablespoon of golden syrup.

You'll need a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and measuring spoons. Small cake cases are also useful, but don't worry if you don't have any!

Make sure you've washed your hands before we begin.


If you can't get hold of the ingredients, please come to the meeting anyway - it should be fun!

If there's time we'll also do a class bingo game, and if you can start thinking about questions for a Rainforest Quiz, we'll do that next time. Please email me your quiz questions this week so that I can collate them to ensure we don't have any duplicates.


For Thursday's Zoom meeting you will need...

Monday 28th June 2020


Good morning Beech class!

We're on to the home straight now...three more weeks until the end of term!

The weather has turned crazy just in time for what would have been Sports Day this Friday, as well as Kwik Cricket - our teams did so well last year - I bet we'll be back with a winning side again in 2021!

I'm hoping to run another Zoom meeting this Thursday at 10am - more details to follow soon...I look forward to seeing you there.


A different challenge for this week!

This week sees the launch of a 500 words competition with a difference: 

"500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for kids. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change. Now, we want to bring children’s voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. We want children to lead on the process of writing their story." Take a look at the website with details of what you need to do to take part:

I've been a judge for the Radio 2 500 words competition for a few years now and I'm hoping to be selected to judge in this very special competition too...can you write the winner? Come on Beech class! You all have it in you! Think about any links to what you have been learning about in PSHE this term.

English this week looks at the stories of Sinbad, the poetry of Brace Nichols and Vocabulary for Villans! I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading your insult (to an object not a person!) poems!
In Maths this week you will be revising common factors and multiples and working on scaling using simple fractions, you will also be revising Roman Numerals.


Over the next two weeks we are going to look at grouping and classification. I'm afraid that when I tried to save the PDF as a Word document, so that I could edit it, it corrupted most of the diagrams, so please have a go with the PDF.

This week I'd like you to look at classifying trees by looking at their leaves (Activity 2). Take a quick look at the Licorice Allsorts activity in part 1 to give you an idea how to make a key, then use this to help you to make a key for leaves that you find.


Week 5: Should it be for other countries to tell Brazil how to handle the situation?

Have you heard about the Amazon fires? Watch this newsround clip: Brazil’s army tackles the blaze:

What’s happening in Brazil now? Greenpeace say that during the Covid outbreak, the world’s attention has been diverted from Brazil. What can you find out?

Look at:

Write a paragraph explaining your views – should other countries tell Brazil what to do? Who is responsible for conserving the rainforests? Is it a local or a global issue?


RE - The Hindu Sacred Thread Ceremony

Last week you looked at the Hindu cycle of life and death. This week we are going to explore the ceremony of Sacred Thread which is traditionally just for boys. Watch these clips: Little Nimai illustrated story Thread Ceremony of Om the Thread Ceremony of Rajat

Read Rajan’s description of his ceremony:

"I had my upanayana (Thread) ceremony when I was nine. I was very excited. First, I had to bathe and have my head shaved. Then I put on new clothes. One of our traditions is that we ask our mother and relatives to give us alms (this may be money or gifts). My guru (spiritual teacher) said the Gayatri mantra – it’s a special prayer I have to say three times everyday. When the thread, which some Hindus call Jenoi, was placed over my shoulder, I felt so proud. It has three strands which remind me of my duties to God, to my ancestors and my guru. I had to promise to study the Vedas (holy books) with the help of my guru. Then I gave my teacher a present."

Now answer these questions:

1.How is this ceremony similar/ different to Christian ceremonies?

2.What promises would you make for your future life?

3. Who or what would help you keep these promises?

4.What symbol would you choose to remind you of the promises you made?


This week you'll be looking at the role of National Government - look at the Powerpoint, then do the quiz - can you test your parents? Which ministers do you see on the News? What are they responsible for?


This summer we should all have been watching the Olympic games that should have been held in Tokyo. Read the PDF all about the history of the Olympic games, then have a go at the powerpoint quiz. Next get up off that sofa and get active and have a go at the jumping challenge!


Friday should have been our Sports Day. I hope you have had a chance to do some of the Jumping challenges this week? For Art can you design a wearable product that expresses the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games? Use the resources in the PDF to help structure your ideas and designing. I wonder if anyone will make and wear their product? Pictures please!!