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Term 4

A painting by Mrs Glass who wanted to send her love and best wishes to you all, and to say how much she misses everyone. A Mrs Glass Tree of Hope :)


We are providing a grid of learning activities to keep you busy over the holidays.  Have fun with it, email us with anything that you've been doing and enjoy the time together as a family.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us too!

Another thank you for all your kind words of support over the past 2 weeks.

Keep safe, take care and best wishes,

From Mrs Hall and Mrs Hams

Friday 3rd April

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to add a few more things that may interest you and to keep you occupied!


The children can still carry on with their Accelerated Reader quizzes.  The link is:

Paste this into the address bar.

Username is first letter of child's first name and first 4 letters of their surname (no spaces and all lowercase.

Password is; abc



Mrs Godden has shared instructions on how to complete a photo collage.  These are really lovely.  Younger children will need help.


Well-being activities you may like to enjoy together

Week 6

Good morning to you all, and we hope that you've managed to have a relaxing weekend.

Last week of term at last, and only 3 days of this week until the holidays.

Thank you to all of the parents that have emailed us the work that they've completed over the week.  It's been great to see you participating in the lessons that we had set.  

Mrs Hall and Mrs Hams


Reading - Continue with reading and completing some inferencing for a part/ page of your text.


Maths-Equivalent Fractions

When I teach these and continue to emphasise that what happens to the top, happens to the bottom, and vice versa.  We also talk about doing the inverse.

Eg. 3/4 = ?/12   4x3=12 therefore we have to x the top number by 3 as well = 9  I would what do we do to the 4 to make 12?  Then do the same to the top.


OR 1/? = 2/10  So we're looking for the top number.  So I'd ask, what do we do to the 2 to make 1?  Divide by 2, therefore do the same to the bottom, we need to divide the 10 by 2 = 5.


Hope this makes sense, again use pictures and diagrams to help.  There is also lots online to explain how to do them.  Google = Interactive Fraction Wall - the first website is great for this.


***This can be a really tricky concept and takes more than 1 lesson to secure understanding, which we will continue with after the hoidays.  Please don't expect them to get it straight away, if they do - great!  But it is not an expectation.  


Use the PPT to follow examples, then choose which level to start on.  Complete as many sheets as you feel necessary - 1 may be enough for now.  Stop if it becomes too tricky.  



PE - Basketball skills

Continue with ball skills from last week.

And/Or any sport of your choice.


RE - Easter story

Today, we would have been going to church for our annual Easter service to hear the story from the Bible.

Instead - Complete a comic strip or storyboard retelling the story of Jesus dying on the cross and of the Resurrection.  There are many templates that you can use online, or draw straight into books.  Use pictures, sentences and speech bubbles to retell the story.  Use videos, PPTs and information online to help write your own version.


Reading - Continue with inference training.  Also, there are many online reading comprehension activities that you can do.  Twinkl, classroom secrets and Purple Mash are a few that you could have a go at.  Or continue with the English D-Day one from yesterday.


Maths - Fractions of an amount

Starter - Use the Simpsons sheet to have a go at some examples.


I teach the method:

Divide by the Denominator

Multiply by the Numerator.


Use the Twinkl PPT and the Would you Rather sheets.  Again, these are starred according to the level that you wish to start with/ end on.

Use pictures/ diagrams/ objects to show a pictorial representation to help understand the concept.

English - VE Day

This year on the 8th May celebrates 75 years of WW2 ending.

Watch Newsround and BBC videos to show how the country celebrated.  Also there are many videos on You Tube about how and why the war ended.


Follow the PPT and complete the postcard activity.  This can be completed in books, on a real postcard or print out a postcard template.


Easter/ Spring crafts


As it's the last week of term we would have spent time making crafts for the season of Spring and the festival of Easter.

Please create a craft of yor choice and send me photos (if you can)  There are many examples and tutorials online, or you may have books for ideas.

You could;

Make a card

Make a bonnet

Make an egg holder or basket


Create a collage

Paint a picture

The choice is endless and yours to make!


Reading - Half an hour of reading a book and then askign questions about it based on the inference training think sheet.  


Maths - Fractions of a set of objects

Starter - Practise times tables.

Use the Twinkl PPT to complete examples and then sheets which are differentiated.  1 star=easiest.  Children can work through all, start where not too easy or stop when finding it too difficult. 

You could also do some practical examples together using toys, sweets, crayons etc.  Find 2/3 of this set of 12 coins for example.  Split into 3 groups, the add 2 of those groups.  

English - D-Day

Watch Newsround and BBC videos about D-Day. 

Use the Twinkl PPT to learn more about it.

Complete the reading comprehension activity.

These can be read from the screen (quite a lot to print!) and answered in their exercise books.

They are differentiated through the stars so choose the level that you think will be right for you.  Please don't do them all!  There are also answers.

Topic - Rationing

This section of WW2 seems very apt to what we are going through at the moment - perhaps make this link with the children.  Have you been rationing?  Has your child been to the shops with you and seen the empty shelves?  Waited in the queue to go into the shop?

Google - WW2 rationing propaganda posters and discuss the messages and images.

Watch the BBC video.

Use the Twinkl PPT.  It does ask for you to write a weekly plan, but perhaps a daily one (before lockdown!) would be fine to compare the differences.  

Use the information sheet and PPT to complete a weekly plan for a week in WW2 times.  


Optional extra

Cook a dish using the recipes from WW2. (Only use what you might already have - please don't go out and buy anything extra for this!!)  We were going to do this activity in class together, but now times are different it might not be the easiest thing to do, hence why it is optional!!

Take photos and write a review to send to me for the website.  


**** The PPT I've tried to attached is saying it's too big - I have deleted lots of slides too!

Twinkl is free to sign up to, if not there is a lot of information about rationing online.

Also, the recipe file I'm trying to send is also too big!  Again, there are many recipes available online to have a look through - sorry sad

Jago's rationing dish - delicious bread pudding. Yummy! Thank you Jago. :)

Miles' RE research on Martin Luther King and weekly menu for his WW2 rationing activity

George's fabulous Easter bunny craft and mocktail. Fantastic George, looks great fun and delicious!

Miles' Easter chick - very cute!

Daisy's VE Day postcard that she really enjoyed doing. It's lovely, thank you.

Charlie's VE Day and Easter story activity from today. These are fantastic, well done.

Riley Harris' Fraction work - super diagrams. WW2 activities - great detail.

Miles' Easter story

Saul and Hallie's home learning. Super research into why Jesus died, great PE climbing trees and looking very busy at the table - thank you!

Mae's Easter nests - they look yummy Mae

Ruby's evacuee story - this is excellent Ruby. I like your questions at the end and the emotion you've created.

Riley Harris' fantastic Easter story using a Powerpoint - clever use of computer skills

Eli's amazing Electricity Powerpoint project with a fascinating Minecraft theme. Very clever.

Week 5

Good morning to you all, and welcome to your first week of Home Learning.  Each day we will provide the Learning Intentions for each lesson that will be fairly similar to what we would have been teaching in class.  We will provide documents that you may wish to use and guidance for you to follow.  We will appreciate any learning that you do with your children during this difficult time.  Please keep a log of what you do, and send us photos of what have you done through our email addresses.

These are;

Enjoy what you do together and have some fun with it!  


Friday 26th March 2020

Friday already, I hope you've all had a great week of home learning and you're continuing to find enjoyment in our lessons even if we're not together as a class. 

Today is spelling test day, so parents, time to test your children on their words. To conduct the test, read out the words in a random order and place them into sentences, we reward a small sweet for 100%, this is up to you should you wish to do the same. 

This weeks spelling words: 
















(Plus two bonus words of your choosing)




L.I- Measure volume in ml and l

Carrying on from what the children began yesterday, we have a really fun practical activity to carry out today, you will need a measuring jug and a variety of drinks. Your child's task is to design, measure and make a 'mocktail'. 

Extension- Complete the mastery activity. 



We have been studying Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' over the last term in Silver Birch, the children have produced some outstanding writing to date. 

Today, your task is to re-tell the story of Romeo and Juliet, writing with as much descriptive detail as you can.

Don't forget all you've learned this year and try to showcase this in your story. I cannot wait to read some of your stories. 


You might enjoy this musical summary as a reminder of events.



We've been learning about musical instruments so far this term in French; unfortunately I am unable to provide you with the system we follow, however this week we are learning the vocabulary:


Je joue de la batterie (drums)

Je joue de la flûte à bec (flute)

Je joue de la guitare (guitar)

Je joue de la clarinette (clarinet)

 Je joue de la trompette  (trumpet)

Je joue du piano (piano)

 Je joue du triangle (triangle)

 Je joue du violon (violin)

Je joue de la harpe (harp)

Je joue des cymbales (cymbals) 


Our new vocabulary is 'Je joue' (I play) We have already learnt the names of the instruments and the children should hopefully remember these. 


Oral call and repeat is used in our lessons, I say the vocabulary, the children repeat it back, encouraging them to learn the new vocabulary. Spend some time on this oral rehearsal, developing the skill to be able to say what instrument you play. 


When confident, allow them to complete the word search if you are able to print. 


Thursday 26th March 2020


Continue to work on Think Sheet, discuss the text and share your ideas together. If completed, spend some time reading with an adult, talk about what you're reading, make predictions and enjoy a nice discussion. 


L.I- Measure in ml and l


This is a new topic, it would be great if the children could have first hand experience at measuring liquid capacity, if you have the equipment. Pour different amounts of liquid in cups, estimate the capacity and then measure it. 

Review powerpoint and then carry out activity sheet, if you cannot print, do not worry about part two which requires you to draw on the scale. 



L.I- Subordinating conjuntions

Last week we learned about coordinating conjunctions, recap FANBOYS (see attached sheet as a reminder), then introduce subordinating conjunctions, review powerpoint and practice coming up with sentences orally together, then complete activity sheet- choose the appropriate level of challenge depending on your understanding. 



L.I- Investigate which materials are magnetic


In our forces and magnets unit the children have learnt about a range of forces to date. Today children will explore magnets (if you have some at home, fridge magnets would work). Children are to plan and conduct an investigation into which materials are magnetic; they should gather a variety of different materials, predict whether they will be attracted to the magnet, carry out their test then draw up their findings. 


We understand how difficult it is at the moment keeping up with this home schooling, especially if you have more than 1 child doing different things.  We are expected to still provide the children with learning opportunites, but please don't feel pressured to have to complete everything that we are providing by the end of each day.  As teachers we can't always judge how long activities will take, and often they'll roll on into the next lesson.  

Thank you for the updates I've recieved from some parents, and it's great to see some of the work completed.

Trying to stay focused during these worrying times is really hard for everyone.  The most important thing at the moment is that we are all as safe and as well as we can be.

We miss you all, 

Mrs Hall and Mrs Hams


Week 5 weekly plan

Miles' Evacuee story - An excellent story Miles, and great editing. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Mae's evacuation story - wonderfully written Mae, a pleasure to read.

Flynn's excellent work on the Battle of Britain

Riley Harris' Evacuee story - super use of punctuation and a great metaphor to describe the house.

George's Battle of Britain witness account - Written in great detail George, well done.

Jago's Evacuee story - Lots of excitement through the middle of your story. Very well written, well done.

Daisy's Evacuee story - Daisy learnt to use spell checker and the difference in homophones, there and their. A very well written story - well done.

Owen's Evacuee story - Great detail Owen, and full of excitement - well done.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Reading - As yesterday.


Maths - Fractions on a number line

Follow the PPT, then complete the sheets,  There are 3 levels, starting with the easier questions.  Children can stop at any point whenever it is getting too difficult.

PE - Basketball skills


At this time of day on a Wednesday we have PE, which has been basketball.

If you have the room (maybe even a hoop!), children could practice throwing, dribbling, passting etc.


English - Battle of Britain continued 


Continue from slide 6 from yesterday's PPT and complete the witness account activity.


If you have time, I've also attached a template to make your own Spitfire plane.

Music - Charanga


Children did take their Charanga Logins home recently, so if you still have it could you log on, listen to 2-3 of the songs and apprasie them (Instructions on the website)



Can you write lyrics for your onw song?  Could you inlcude instruments that you find around the house? (saucepan lids, spoons etc)

Could you make your own instrument using junk modelling?


Pictures, or videos sent through my email would be great if you'd like me to share them on the website.

Tuesday 24.3.20


Morning all,

I hope that your first day of home schooling was successful yesterday, and that you are all keeping well.

I've noticed that some children were on Prodigy maths, and I have had work emailed to me from the activities that I set yesterday.

Apologies for not attaching the RE PPT - the system was being a little temperamental! 


Reading - the same as yesterday please.

I've attached the Inference training think sheet that we use in class.

Inference training think sheet

Maths - Fractions on a number line

Tines Tables practice warm up - Use YouTube songs, or write some random questions to answer, Topmarks - Hit the button, TT Rockstars.


Use the PPT to see examples.

Starter sheet to complete, then main activity sheet.


These lines can be drawn and copied into books if unable to print.




English - Battle of Britain timeline of events

Watch some videos about the Battle of Briatin.  BBC clips and Newsround are good.  Or Google - Battle of Britain videos KS2.


Use the PPT to read the slides up to slide 6.

Complete the timeline of events activity.


There are 2 levels to choose from determiend by the number of stars, 1 star being easier and more scaffolded for the children.



This term on a Tuesday afternoon , Mrs Sharp has been doing some sessions about careers.  

Today, find out about your parent's/carer's jobs.  Write some questions down that you'd like to ask them.

For example about, what they do, what they enjoy/ not enjoy, the people thet work with, the tasks they complete etc.

Write a report to summarise their job in your books.


Computing-How the Internet works.

Use the website Purple Mash (Logins should be in their reading records, it not please email me for them)

Go onto computing, then writing projects.

There is a task called, 'About the Internet'  I have set it as a 2DO on their accounts.

Complete this fact sheet.  There are 6 sections and titles to help, add pictures.


Google the different titles to help you complete them.  There are BBC clips, and PPTs available online.


(I would do this activity over a couple of lessons, so please don't worry if it isn't finished.)




Spend half an hour reading a book.  You could discuss what you have read, write a summary of the part that you have read and could even do your inference training activities from a page of your book.  Write down predictions, VIP words, write a headline etc.


Maths - Counting in tenths


Use the Twinkl PPT to talk through what a tenth is and to complete some examples.

There are 3 sheets to have a go at.  Platinum is about problem solving and reasoning.

Answers can be written in their exercise book to save printing, as long as they are titled and numbered.





English - Evacuee story writing


Last week the children created a story plan for an evacuee story based on the text that we have shared this term; Carrie's War.

The children created pictures for the 5 different sections of their story; Opening, Build up, Problem, Resolution and Ending and then added notes.


Unfortunately, they do not have these in front of them to use, but I would like them to write this story that they had made up (it doesn't have to follow their plan, and they could do a quick plan of ideas before they start this).  

I'd expect at least 3 paragraphs.

They should consider their spellings, punctuation, grammar and handwriting.  They should include description, detail and suspense, with an effective ending.  They should include some speech between characters.

Please encourage them to write a sentence, check and edit that sentence before writing the next one, or to edit after a few sentences. 

RE - How is the concept of 'sacrifice' shown in the world today?


This term we have been studying the concept of Salvation - leading up to the Easter story and focusing on 'What did Jesus do to save human beings?'

We talk about the Bible text, how this has an impact on Christians and then make connections to today's society.  This week is focusing on making the connections and it feels very relevant to what is happening in the world at present.


I would start with the question, 'What sacrifices would the children make in their life?'  What would they give up?  Think about something they love or really believe in.  Would they give up their pocket money for this think?  All their Christmas presents?  Be laughed at? Lose friends?  Suffer physical pain?  Die for?  


To help someone in need what sacrifice would they make?  To give up their lunch?  A favourite toy/ gadget?  How far would they go?


Talk about what a saint is.  Do they know any real life saints?

Discuss what a martyr is.  Use the PPT to go through some examples and answer the questions from the last slide.  (As a discussion and/or written down in their books)


Research one of these martyrs or choose someone else to focus on that has made sacrifices.  Make a fact file about them.  Use bullet points, fact boxes, pictures etc.  Include, what they did, why, who for.


(I was really excited when planning this lesson, then felt quite disappointed that I wouldn't be delivering it!)

Martyrs PPT

Week 1

Welcome back to Term 4 and we hope you had a lovely week off.

This week we have continued to look at multiplication, division and time in maths.  In English we wrote an emotive diary entry, summarised a text and used drama to explore characters from Shakespeare.  In Science we learnt about pushes and pulls for the start of our unit on forces.  In French we began to learn names fro musical instruments.  Basketball is the new sport that the children are learning in PE, and we began to think about the concept of Salvation in RE.  This week we began our careers sessions with Mrs Sharp, and the children spoke about what jobs they would like to do when they are older. They were also very excited when they learnt about going to the Science museum in a few weeks time!!

Week 2

This week we looked at the concept of stereotyping in English and acted out some different scenarios.  We wrote some amazing Evacuee poems whilst some of our class attended the badminton tournament at the Three Hills.  We investigated friction in Science and carried on with time in Maths.  We learnt about the stations of the cross in RE.  With Mrs Sharp we practised using the sound equipment.

Mrs Sharp careers session - practising using recording equipment

Science Week 2020

Pfizer activity - Exploring microbes

Mrs Levett's workshop - Exploring our senses

Sweets investigation

Harvey singing afternoon

Week 3

This week has been science week and so each day we have taken part in a science workshop or investigation.  Apart from on Wednesday, when we went to a singing afternoon at the Harvey school.  We sang a range of songs with many other schools from our area, and then we performed on our own to High Hopes.  We were fantastic!!  With Mrs Sharp this week we prepared lots of questions to ask our guests about their jobs when they visit us.    We started a fractions unit in maths and did some measuring of capacity at the end of the week.  In RE we explored who was responsible for Jesus's death.