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Art took place in the Forest School today.  The children were creating walls and paths in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  Last week the chidlren struggled NOT to use straight lines, so it was pleasing to see so many bendy paths and walls today!

This week the church has been empty of its chairs so we were invited to go and use the building and enjoy the space inside.  First we listened to the story of the Passover and Moses' involvement.  Then the children went on a 'plague' hunt, looking for pictures of all the different plagues God sent to the Egyptians.  Then the children acted out the story, taking on the roles of God, Moses, Pharaoh, Jewish slaves and Egyptian soldiers.  They also acted out all ten plagues!  At the very end of the session we had a little time to enjoy looking around the church, during which most of the children gravitated towards the toddler's play area!

We spent Wednesday afternoon on the ipads, first programming algorithms using Scratch Junior, then learning about woodland habitats in BBC Bitesize.  

In maths we have been looking at partitioning tens and ones today. We used the part whole model to help us then completed the stem sentences. 

We were looking at "Where money comes from?" in Pshe today. The children acted out different jobs and we talked about how to earn wages. They learnt that different jobs earn different amounts of money. 

Top secret business happened this afternoon ready for Sunday. Children don't forget to get them out from under your beds!!