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The children had great fun in science today finding out how good their tongues are at tasting! We tried a sugar covered sweet, a salty crisp, a piece of unsweetened chocolate and a piece of lemon. 


The children had to decide what type of taste (sweet, sour, bitter, salty) each item of food had and record it on a sheet. 


We then tested the job our nose has in tasting flavours. The children were given a sweet and had to guess the flavour whilst closing their eyes and holding their nose - this was tricky but great fun and it was difficult to work out the flavour using just our tongue! 


The children are continuing to make repeating patterns by threading bottle tops for our bottle top door curtain.  We already have 6 completed threads!  Also take a look at some of the displays we have up in class of your children and their art work.

In maths we have continued to practise counting up to 20 and writing the numbers both in numerals and words.

In PE the children continued to work on their ball skills.  They really enjoyed the warm-up games with Jack and Josh.