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Term 6

Week 5

Week ending 9.7.21


What an amazing Sports' Week we have had!  We have raced Go Karts and scooters; we have played football and Foxes and Farmers; we have scored at basketball and taken part in Wacky Olympics; we have played Tri-Golf and Speed Stacking!  Then on Friday it was Sports' Day, we tried lots of activities and then did our class races, before the school Relay Race.


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3x table.'

'I learned the 'ture' phoneme.'

'I learned about Food Chains.'

'I learned about the possessive apostrophe and began to write a poem.'

'I made an England flag!'

'I learned how Florence Nightingale improved the conditions in hospitals.'

'I learned about important artefacts used by Muslims.'