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We have been learning about the story of the Lost Son (The Prodigal Son) and the message that Jesus wanted to teach us.  The children have made pigs to remember the lowest point of the Prodigal Son's life.

The children are working hard at the concepts of 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' and also learning to use the mathematical symbols (get them to show you!).  It's not easy and they are trying really hard.

We have had a brilliant afternoon in Topic making an Ariel View of Elham. The children worked really well in small groups (after a little guidance) so they didn't all create the same building. Everyone was fully engaged completing this task and I think you will agree they all look fantastic!

We started our first SRE lesson today. We talked about keeping our bodies clean and how often we should clean each area of our body. Our learning about germs involved a lot of glitter so we could see how easily they spread to others and different surfaces. The children were amazed to see how quickly the germs were soon all over the classroom and the carpet (sorry Ms Shepherd!). We learnt that using soap removed the germs a lot quicker than just water.