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Term 4

Easter Holidays

Happy holidays children and parents!  

Below are two grids.  

The first grid contains some activities for you to do over five days of the holidays (excluding the weekends).  That will take you to next Wednesday, and on Thursday we will post another 5 days' activities.

The second grid is a reading challenge for you to complete over the holidays.  You can pick a challenge a day in any order you fancy.


Love from Ms Shepherd & Mrs Grady


PS the documents are attached also, in case you want to print them off.



Easter holiday activities week 2

Week 6

Wednesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning on the last day of term!  It seems funny saying that when you are already at home... But it really is the last day of term, so now you'll be able to enjoy a well-earned holiday!  But... just so you don't forget us we will be posting some activities for you to do over the holidays.  So remember to log on and take a look at the activities we have set you.

In the meantime, here are today's activities:


PE/Maths - I can shoot a virtual basket

This will be a little tricky unless you have a basketball net.  If you do you can go out and practise your shots.  If you don't you can still practise shooting your ball/beanbag at an imaginary spot on the wall (better still if your parent can draw a chalk circle on the wall!).

If you can't do any of these, click on the link below and play the fun maths game!  Explain to your parents about the digits in numbers (tens and ones).

Reading/Phonics: I can fill in the missing sounds to words

Look at the farm yard picture and complete the words in your English book

Don't look at the answers until you have tried all the words!


Please finish your story writing if you haven't already.  Practise reading it until you feel you can read it really well without stumbling over any of your words, then read it to an adult or a sibling.

Computing: I can create an Easter Picture and write a sentence about it.

This week Mrs Godden has set all the children in Hazel Class a 2Do about Easter in Purple Mash.  When you log on, you need to click on the bell icon at the top of the screen and you will be taken to their 2Do.


Tuesday 31 March 2020



We have come to the end of the unit on volume and capacity - have a go at this quiz if you can.


Look at the information from yesterday.



Learning intention: I can explain what makes a rainbow.


In spring the weather can change. It can be nice and sunny one minute and then raining the next. I would like you to find out what makes a rainbow. You could draw a lovely rainbow for your window as lots of people are doing this locally where I live. You could also learn the 7 colours of the rainbow.



This week try and make your own Easter basket. If you do not have a printer you can use a sheet of paper and draw the pictures yourself. Be creative and draw chicks, bunnies and Easter eggs.


And finally - have fun singing this Easter song with your family!

I'm a spring chicken

I'm a spring chicken - spring / Easter song for kids -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos an...

Week 6

Monday 30 March 2020


Hello lovely Hazel class, I hope that you are all keeping well. It is very strange to not see you all and we are all adjusting to this strange situation. My three children are adjusting to being at home all the time and are doing their school work too!

Thanks for emailing us with your work – it has been lovely to see what you have been doing.

Lots of love Mrs Grady xx



Log into Teach your Monster to Read website and have a go at the activities. (the password is on the front of the folder that came home).


If you have time, try and focus on the tricky words on the list below. Select the appropriate list for you, if possible you can do the whole page. If you can read them all, can you spell them all? This will really help your writing too!






Read for 15 minutes today. Tell someone in your house about the book you have read. This could be a picture book that you know well or it could be a new book that you try to read independently to yourself. You could also listen to a free audio story or look at a story online.


EnglishThis is the English task for this week so take your time and make it your best work.

Learning Intention: I can retell a story verbally and in writing.

Watch the YouTube story below One Snowy Night. Can you retell this story to a grown up and then write a retell of this story? Don’t forget your capital letters and your full stops and do you best handwriting ever! Make sure that once you have finished you read your work to make sure it makes sense. Add a picture at the end as well.

Percy the Park Keeper: One Snowy Night


Learning Intention: I can compare, describe and solve practical problems for capacity.

Have a go at the worksheet attached. If you complete this and fancy a challenge have a look at the Diving in mastery activity cards.

How much does it hold activity sheet

Maths - activity challenge cards.

Forest School

This was our activity for this afternoon so if you can get outside here are some ideas of things you can do.


Lie on the ground and look for shapes in the clouds

Look up and watch the clouds blowing across the sky – what shapes can you see? What stories can you tell about the shapes in the clouds? I love doing this with my children!


Make wizard soup (check with a grown-up first)

Collect leaves, petals, seeds and grass from outside and mix them together into a small bowl of water. Use scissors to shred the ingredients, crush them using spoons and mixers, and experiment with textures and colours.


Hunt for mini beasts

Look high, look low and see what little beasts you can find in the garden. Don’t forget to peek under stones, in the grass, and behind rocks…


Make nature ice (check with a grown-up first)

Collect leaves, seeds, flowers, pebbles, anything that catches your eye in the garden. Fill a tub with water and place the items in the water before freezing. Once it’s frozen, bring the block out and talk about what has happened to the items. How does the ice feel? Leave the ice outside while you’re playing and check back to see what’s happening.


And finally!

Here is this week’s photograph of the Cherry Blossom Tree. Can you see how much the buds have grown this week? I will post another photo next week – maybe the blossom will be there.  

The cherry blossom tree.

Week 5

Monday 23 March 2020

Hello lovely children in Hazel class. Read below for today’s learning.

Remember you have two exercise books (one for English which can be used for any writing and one for Maths). Can you ask a grown up to write the learning intention in the book and the date if you do the learning? Please do not worry if you do not complete all the learning.


Don't forget, I am still here, I am still your teacher. If you wish to get in touch or share anything with me, ask your parents to email me.


Lots of love, Mrs Grady xx



Learning Intention: I can use non-standard units to measure capacity

See the attached for info.



Learning Intention: I can draw a map of my own paragraph

Ask your child to read the information map we drew last week.

Paragraph 3

Can they now draw their own information map for their own toy?



Log into Teach your Monster to read website (the password is on the front of the folder that came home).


Also, if you want to have a look at DJ Cow on – the spelling pattern game is good fun!



We would love you to continue reading and to keep having stories read to you as you are all doing so well in this area and we really want it to continue!


Forest School:

This was our activity for this afternoon so if you can get into the garden look at what signs of spring you can see and hear and write or draw this.

This is a photograph of a Cherry Blossom Tree in my neighbour’s garden. Can you see the buds on the branches? What colour do you think the blossom will be? I will post another photo next week to see how the tree has changed.

Tuesday 24 March 2020


Good Morning Hazel class!


Hope you are all okay. Here is the learning for today.



Learning intention: I can measure capacity.

Following on from yesterday’s practical – have a go at this worksheet. I have attached the answers too for your grown up!





Learning Intention: I can use my story map to write a paragraph.

If you child had a go at drawing a paragraph for their own toy can they now use this to write a paragraph?


This is how our class information text looks for the paragraph ‘My Toy’


‘My toy is a soft puppet called Basil Brush. His clothes are synthetic and he can speak.’



Learning intention: I can explain why the seasons affect what we wear and what we do.


Ask your child about the things they might do in the summer and whether these are different to the things they may do in the winter.


Talk to your child about how the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the hobbies we do change for different seasons.


Can your child draw a picture of themselves in summer and in winter? Then write what they are doing and what clothes they are wearing?


Key words: summer, warm, bright, winter, freezing, icy



Learning Intention: I can draw using simple shapes, straight and curved lines.

With Easter approaching I would like you to design an Easter egg. First draw an oval shape and then decorate it with patterns using straight and curved lines and then colour it in.


Log into Teach your Monster to Read website (the password is on the front of the folder that came home).


Also, if you want to have a look at DJ Cow on – the spelling pattern game is good fun!



We would love you to continue reading and to keep having stories read to you as you are all doing so well in this area and we really want it to continue!

A tiny seed was sleeping

Here is a link to a song called A Tiny Seed Was Sleeping. This reminds me of spring and I hope it makes you smile!

Wednesday 25th March

Hello children and parents, Ms Shepherd here!  Hope you've enjoyed the last two days of activities and are making the most of the lovely weather and being together with your families.  My three cats have been sunning themselves out in the garden and giving me weird looks as if to say "Why aren't you at work, Ms Shepherd?"


Here are today's activities:


PE:  I can practise my basketball skills

It's PE first thing, as usual on a Wednesday!  Go outside and practise the ball skills you have been taught at school.  First practise some chest passes, then some bounce passes and then after that try dribbling the ball.  If you haven't got a ball, go outside anyway and have a run around.  See if you can find something beginning with every letter in the alphabet, for example A an apple tree, B a bird.


Guided Reading:  I remember to pause at full stops

Next it's Guided Reading.  Read one of the three books you have been given to read with an adult  or an older sibling.  Some of you have targets to 'read the fullstops'.   Take it in turns to read a sentence each, remembering to stop at the fullstops.  If you don't stop at the fullstop you lose a point and the person who loses the most points has to read the whole book again.


Maths:  I can say if a number is odd or even

Teach your parents the 'odd and even number rhyme'

If you can't remember it, here's how it goes:


Zero, two, four, six, eight,

Even numbers are so great!

One, three, five, seven, nine,

Odd numbers are friends of mine!


Remember, you will have to teach them the rhythm.  Clap your hands to help them, like we did in class.


After that, get a bag of pasta or sweets or buttons and take it in turns to pull out a small handful.  If it's an odd number you keep them.  If it's an even number your parent keeps them.  


Can you explain to your parent how you know if a number is odd or even?


Computing:  I can create a pictogram on my favourite foods using 2Count

Mrs Godden has asked you to log onto Purple Mash. At the top of the page is a bell. If you click on it, it will take you to a 2Do which is to make a pictogram. Mrs Godden has put on instructions so that your parents can read how to do it and help you create it. Mrs Godden will keep an eye on your progress and she can mark your work online.  Good luck parents!


Music: I can beat the rhythm of a song/rhyme with a percussion instrument

Last thing on a Wednesday is singing!  You can choose to sing our French number song, the song Mrs Grady posted yesterday or you can chant our odd and even number rhyme.  Then find an instrument.  If you can't, a saucepan and a wooden spoon will be perfect!  Beat out the rhythm as you sing or chant.  If you can't remember the words to the French number song, scroll down the page and you will see a video of you singing it.


So that's it for today.  Don't worry if you can't do everything.  Your parents are busy, busy and will be beginning to find this teaching business never-ending!  We know you will do your best.  See you tomorrow.


Ms Shepherd









Thursday 26th March

Hi Hazel Class!  Hope you managed to do some of the things I set you yesterday.  But most of all I hope  you had a fun time with your families and enjoyed being outside in the lovely weather.  I wonder how many things you managed to find in the garden beginning with each letter of the alphabet... bet you got stuck on z!


Below is a link to a lovely Bird Song Opera.  Click on it and enjoy all the different birds singing to a famous opera by Mozart (The Magic Flute I believe).  When you've done that, listen again and this time count all the different birds.  Do you recognise any of the birds?  At the end of the music there is a list of all the birds you will have seen.

Maths: I can recognise odd and even numbers

First of all, see if you can remember the odd and even number rhyme without looking back at the text!  Well done if you can.  

Today you are going on an odd-and-even number hunt!  Go around the house with an adult and look for numbers - they are everywhere: on clocks, on calendars, on mobiles, on food packets, in book, etc.  Each time you find a number say if it is odd or even and how you know.  Do two tallies, one for odd numbers and one for even numbers.  Use the rhyme to help you and remember if you find bigger numbers, like 17, 27, 97 the number is odd because it ends in 7!


English: HOT TASK: I can write an information text about toys

Colour a red border around the next page in your English book so that it looks like the sheets of paper we give you when you do a HOT TASK.  Remember a HOT TASK is a piece of writing you do all by yourself without any help whatsoever from anyone.  We always do one after we have learnt how to write a story or an information text.  Before school stopped you learned how to write an information text about toys.  Now you have a chance to write your very own information text about toys!  Good luck and remember, no help!  Ask an adult to set the timer for 20 minutes and start writing!





Phonics and reading

Log into 'Teach your Monster to Read' and carry on building up your phonics skills.  Then choose one of your books and read to an adult, remembering to take it in turns whenever there's a full stop.  

RE: I can talk about some of the events in the Easter Story

At school you learned the story how Jesus entered into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday.  Tell an adult what happened.  Then click on the link below and watch the whole of the Easter Story.  When you have watched it, draw some pictures of the story and write a sentence to explain each picture.

The Story of Easter (Jesus' Sacrifice)

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

That's it for another day of home learning!  Well done everybody.  Enjoy the rest of the day and see you tomorrow!

Ms Shepherd x

Class Humility Prayer

Friday 26th March

Good morning children!  Hope you are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, like our friend Basil Brush.  How's the learning going?  Mrs Grady and I would love to hear from you - your parents should have our email addresses, so let us know how you are doing, send us some pictures of your learning and we can share them with your friends in Hazel Class.  Better still, send us some pictures of you having fun at home!


Congratulations, you have nearly finished your first week of home learning, and congratulations parents - hope it hasn't been too hard!  We'll go easy on you today, just in case you need a bit of catch-up time... so for Guided Reading you can do some of your favourite activities:


Guided Reading:  I can write a prayer about humility

You can do this in your English books - you are all excellent at writing prayers, so have a go at writing one last one about humility, because next term we'll be looking at a different value.  I have put a picture of the prayer above today's date.


Guided Reading:  I can build a home for one of my toys

This one should be easy!  Get our your lego and when you've done it take a picture of it like we do in class.


Maths:  I can explain why a number is odd or even

Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip, then do the activity underneath it.  Finally find a game of snakes and ladders (or similar).  Every time you land on an even number you go forwards two, each time you land on an odd number you go backwards one.




Handwriting:  I can form the letters from the l, i, t family

All these letters are formed in the same way with a lead in and a lead out.  In your English books write a line of each of these words: lit, tilt, little.  Remember to join your letters and  to go back and dot the i and cross the t after you have written the word.


English:  I can find the opposites of words & use the prefix 'un'

In your English books draw two columns.  Write these words down one column:

fat, kind, nice, happy, interesting, long, pretty, fit, plus any more you can think of.  Then write the opposite of each word in the next column.  Finally see if you can put 'un' before any of the words.

Can you say unfat?  Unkind? un-nice?

When you have decided which words you can add 'un' to, write a sentence for each word, for example  'The man was unkind to his dog'.


That's it!  PE on a Friday afternoon means you can go out and practise your basket ball skills.


So, you've finished your first week now.  Well done and have a lovely weekend.  After that it's just three days of home-learning before the Easter holidays!


See you next Wednesday x

Week 4

In Maths we have been comparing the volume in a container by describing whether it is full, nearly full, empty or nearly empty. We have started thinking about how we could measure how much liquid will fill a container.


In English we are continuing writing paragraphs from our information text about Toys. Some children have enjoyed adding words to their writing to make it more interesting.


In Art the children have been drawing people using simple shapes, straight and curved lines. The results were brilliant! We will be continuing with this next week and looking at how the author Mo Wilems has a unique form of illustration in his books.  


In Geography we are looking at the seasons and our Forest School session on Monday focussed on all things Spring - we looked for any signs of spring and saw new buds, blossom, daffodils and birds nests. 

listen to our counting song in French

Still image for this video

Basketball dribbling skills

Week 3

It's Science Week!

We started the week with a visit from Pfizer and some 'Microbe Mayhem!' 

On Tuesday we had a visit from Mrs Levett and made mini greenhouses from old CD cases and planted cress seeds in them.
We enjoyed even more science on Tuesday afternoon to understand that water is a material and ice is water in a different state. We also investigated if putting salt on the ice would melt it quicker.

which is the stretchiest sweet?

Week 2

This week in maths we are continuing our focus on weight and volume. The children have been using a variety of non-standard units (e.g. cubes) to measure the mass of an object. They can see that when a scale is balanced, the number of non-standard units can be used to determine the mass. E.g. One apple weighs ______cubes.

In Science we have been investigating which material is best to use to fix a broken umbrella. The children were scientists today and used pipettes, water and a variety of materials to test which one was waterproof and would be the best to fix the umbrella.

In RE the children learnt about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  They acted out the story to show their understanding.  Before we read the story, the children told each other facts they already knew about Jesus:

he was born in a stable

he can calm down storms

he has got 12 disciples

he's the light of the world

he's the son of God

he went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights

he can walk on water.


In PE the children continued practising chest passes and catches.  The teachers showed them how to take a step forward when passing the ball to make it go further.





Week 1

This week in maths we have been learning about weight and volume. The children have been holding objects and describing them using vocabulary such as heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than before using scales to check. 


Which is heavier? The sponge or the raisins?

In English the children have been finding out about the features of non-fiction texts. They were able to sort books into two piles (fiction and non-fiction) and then label the various sections of non-fiction books. 

Labelling the sections of a non-fiction book.

In Design and Technology the children made their vehicles based on their design. The children had a fabulous time gluing and sticking and they are looking amazing! The vehicles have been painted and will be coming home next week.