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Term 4

Week 3

Week ending 12.3.21


Wow!  So lovely to see everyone back in Willow Class.  We have missed their bright shining faces and their energy!


Have you noticed the date?  Another palindromic one!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned how to make nouns ending in 'y', plural by changing the 'y' to an 'i' and adding 'es'.


'I learned how to make an array.'

'I learned that multiplication is commutative.'

'I learned that multiplication is repeated addition.'

'I learned to make a story map to help me plan my story.'

'I learned how to make noun phrases, to add description and make pictures in the reader's mind.'

'I learned my 10 x table.'

'I learned that a number ending in 0 is a multiple of ten.'

'I learned how to carry out an investigation in science and record my results in a table.'

'I learned how to read my results and come to a conclusion.'

'I learned about the Easter Story.'

'I learned who my Very Important People are and could explain why they are important to me.'

'I learned how to play basketball.'