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Term 5

Week 1

Week ending 22.4.22


Welcome back after the lovely Easter Break!


It was great to see the children refreshed after their holiday and we welcomed Emily from Ukraine into Willow Class.


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I learned the 'el' and 'le' endings.'

'I learned the Easter Story and finished my booklet illustrating the events of Holy Week.'

'I learned to carry out an investigation in Science to see which was the best paper to draw on.'

'I learned to subtract two, two digit numbers, where I have to borrow from the tens column.'

'I learned to write exclamation sentences, starting with 'How...' and 'What...'

'I learned to write the  four different sentences, about Tuffy the Killer Cat.'

'I learned to draw a plant from observation.'