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Willow Class

Term 1 

Week 1

Week ending 6.9.19


Dear Parents,


Below is a guide to what your child will be learning in Willow Class this term.  If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.




We will be learning to read and spell words with long vowel digraphs, i.e.: ‘ee’, ‘ea’, ‘oa’,  ‘o-e’, ‘ow’, ‘ai,’ a-e’, ‘ay’, ‘ie’, ‘igh’, ‘y’, ‘oo’, ‘u-e’, ‘ew’, ‘ue’, ‘oo’ (as in good).  At the beginning of each week the children will be given spellings to learn, these will be sent home on Friday and tested the following   Friday.  We will be investigating the use of capital letters, commas and exclamation marks and using them in our writing.  We will also try to make our writing more interesting by using connectives, such as suddenly, unfortunately, luckily, etc.  Our text work will be based on fiction and poetry, with familiar settings and we will use non-fiction to look at instructions.  Good letter formation is a priority, with Year 2 children practising a cursive style.  Children are invited to take home a home reading book as often as they wish- please fill in the title and date in their home reading book, together with any comments about their reading.  The children are invited to take Bouncer Bunny and his cousin Betsy, for a sleepover:  they record what the bunnies do at home, in Bouncer Bunny’s Diary. They may also take Willow Bear home for a weekend visit.





Children are becoming familiar with reading and writing numbers over 100.  They will count on in ones, twos, fives and tens.  They will practise recording in number sentences, using +, -, =, x and division.  They will learn to recall pairs of numbers that total 10 and 20 and addition doubles to at least 10+10, together with corresponding halves. Year 2 children will become familiar with multiplication facts of the 10x, 5x, 2x and 3x tables and deduce corresponding division facts.  They will recognise odd and even numbers.  We will also be looking at: length, 2D and 3D shapes, time, money and position and the associated vocabulary.  We will recognise halves, quarters and thirds and investigate maths problems and puzzles.  We will look at ways of handling data, including tables, bar charts and Venn diagrams.




We shall be studying ‘Animals, including Humans’, finding out about their needs, their senses and how they grow.




Our topic is Famous Events- we shall be finding out about Remembrance Day.




Our over-arching topic to encompass all areas of the curriculum is Mexican Choccywoccydodah!  We will begin by comparing life in a village in Mexico with Elham.




This term we are studying Christianity – the Creation and the parables of Jesus.  We will be making a book of the Christmas story, linking with our Nativity play.





We will learn to use a word processor to improve the presentation of our work.  This will include saving and loading work, editing and printing; we will use a variety of programs throughout the curriculum and produce artwork. ICT is used on a daily basis in Literacy and Numeracy, and where appropriate, in other areas of the curriculum





In the first half of the term we will learn ball skills and develop these into playing Pop Lacrosse.  P.E. is on Wednesdays and Fridays. This term, Mr. Hodgeman will be teaching the children Hockey on Tuesday morning.  Please wear suitable plimsolls or trainers and bring a cosy top and trousers or a tracksuit to wear.




We shall investigate the sounds we can make, loud and soft, short and long, fast and slow and rhythm.  This will develop into using percussion instruments to compose and perform music. Mrs. Hickman teaches the Ocarina, as well as singing and percussion on Wednesdays. We will be practising singing songs for the Nativity play.




We are investigating making different marks on paper and colour mixing.  We will develop this into studying portrait painting and sculpture.  In the second half of the term we shall be designing and making pop-up cards for Christmas.


Thank you very much to all the parents and friends of Elham School, who give up their precious time to help in Willow Class:  your contribution is very highly valued.  If anyone feels they can help with any area of the curriculum we would be delighted to hear from you!


Yours faithfully,


Genevieve Ferguson

September 2019



Welcome back Willows!


How lovely to see you after the summer holidays: everyone is happy to be back and ready to have fun and learn!


What have we learned this week?


'I have learned where my peg and desk are.'

'I have learned to write the date and the title/learning intention at the top of my work.'

'I have learned how to do the Dinner Register interactively.'

'I have learned how to write my numbers correctly.'

'I have learned how to write my numbers as a word.'

'I can count up to 100, with Cedric the bear.'

'I have learned how to put the correct spelling into my Word Book.'

'I have learned about the Story of the Creation.'

'I have learned about food groups and which foods we should eat more of and which foods we should eat occasionally.'

'I have started on Accelerated Reading!'

'I wrote about myself for Hector, the Willow Class dog.'

'I wrote about my summer holiday.'



Term 1

Week 2

Week ending 13.9.19


We introduced our topic for the term: Mexican Choccywoccydodah!  The children came up with ideas about what they would like to find out about Mexico - they really liked the one about tasting different chocolates!

We practised one of our school rules: to listen and respond to instructions at the first time of asking.


What have we learned this week:


'I learned the 'ee', 'ea' phoneme/grapheme.'

'I learned to count in twos.'

'I learned to count in fives.'

'I learned to count in tens.'

'I learned to count in threes.'

'I learned to write the numbers to 100.'

'I learned about Zacchaeus the tax collector.'

'I learned what the word 'humility' means because it is one of our school values.'

'I learned the names of the seven continents and five oceans and labelled them on a map of the world.'

'I learned how to do my spelling corrections and 'Pink for thinks'.'

'I learned what a syllable is.'

'I learned how to hold a hockey stick and how to dribble the ball.'

'I learned how to hold a lacrosse stick and how to bowl a ball and scoop it into my stick.'


Star of the Week:  Lola - for always listening well and trying hard with her learning.

Term 1

Week ending 20.9.19

Week 3

What have we learned this week?


'I learned the phoneme/graphemes 'ay', 'ai', 'a-e'.'

'I learned to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full-stop at the end.'

'I learned to add a tens number and a one digit number.'

'I wrote a prayer about humility.'

'I learned about foods that are healthy and foods that should be eaten occasionally.'

'I learned to work out missing numbers on a hundred square.'

'I learned the story of 'The Little Red Hen'.'

'I learned about the artist Paul Klee.'

'I learned to add white to a colour to tint it.'

'I learned to make a symmetrical pattern using 2 D shapes.'

'I learned to dribble a ball in hockey.'

'I learned how to throw and catch a ball.'


Star of the week: Sofia for listening well and demonstrating excellent learning.

Term 1

Week 4

Week ending 27.9.19


We had a very exciting beginning to the week , when we went to visit Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler at The Manor house in Elham.  Mrs. Wheeler is an old friend of Willow Class, and has been coming in for many years to help with handwriting.  The house was amazing and the children learned such a lot about its construction and life in the Manor 600 years ago.


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned the 'oo', 'ew', 'u-e', phoneme/graphemes.'

'I learned to write a letter.'

'I drew a portrait of my friend.'

'I learned to draw a self-portrait.'

'I learned to draw a picture of a Tudor house.'

'I practised my cutting out skills.'

'I learned about the story of the Creation.'

'I learned to add a two digit tens number to a ones (unit) number.'

'I learned to add 10 to a number.'

'I practised my keyboard skills.'

'I learned to write sentences with a capital letter and a full-stop.'

'I learned the story of 'The Little Red Hen' with actions.'


Star of the week:  Willow for always listening well and applying her learning.

Term 1

Week 5

Week ending 4.10.19


We really enjoyed our visit to The Methodist Church for the Harvest Festival.  The children had practised hard and performed their Talk4Writing version of The Little Red Hen.  They were magnificent and we are very proud of their achievement.  Talk4Writing encourages children to learn a text with actions, before they attempt to write their own version.  Firstly, it gives the child something in their memory to write and then the rhythm of the text helps with sentence construction, e.g. capital letters and full-stops.  Other grammar can be added in as the child becomes more confident, e.g. additional punctuation, frontal adverbs, adjectives, strong verbs and adverbs - WOW WORDS!


We celebrated 'National Poetry Day' on Wednesday by reading lots of poems!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned the 'oo', 'u' phoneme/grapheme.'

'I learned number bonds to 10 and the corresponding multiple of ten bonds to 100.'

'I learned a mnemonic for 'because' : big elephants can't always use small exits!'

'I learned a mnemonic for 'people': penguins eat oranges, people love eggs.'

'I learned a mnemonic for 'said': Sally Ann is dancing.'

'I learned to write a letter.'

'I learned to write sentences using my spellings.'

I learned to add 10 and subtract 10.'

'I learned to use a number line and Numicon.'

'We went on a conker hunt and i drew a conker and its shell.'

'I learned how to hold a lacrosse stick and scoop up the ball.'

'I made a headband for The Little Red Hen and sequenced the story.'


Star of the Week:  Rome for listening well and applying himself well to his learning.


Week 6

Week ending 11.10.19


On Friday, James Campbell visited the school.  He greatly entertained the children with his poems, the story of 'The Umbrella Tree' and excerpts from his book on' Funny things about Animals'.  We were inspired to draw a story map about  The Umbrella Tree!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned the 'igh', 'ie',' i-e', 'y'' graphemes, for the long vowel sound.'

'I learned to order the coins from the smallest value.'

'I visited 'The Polite Knight Cafe' and ordered a drink and something to eat and then calculated the total.'

'I learned how to write money as a money decimal.'

'I learned how to make money totals using the fewest number of coins.'

'I wrote about what sort of character God is because He created the world.'

'I learned how to draw a self-portrait.'


Star of the Week:  Daniel for very good behaviour sitting on the map.