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Term 3

Week 6

Week ending 11.2.22


On Thursday we had a visit from Ian from KiC Theatre: the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring The Great Fire of London and were keen to show off their knowledge.


On Wednesday, 23rd February, I will be delivering the second of the SRE lessons on the differences between male and female animals.


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned my 2 x table.'

'I learned to recite, 'If you should meet a crocodile.'

'I learned to recite, 'Little John was not content.'

'I wrote the introduction to 'The Wolf's Story.'

'I wrote the build up, problem and resolution to 'The Wolf's story.'

'I wrote 'The Wolf's Story' from his point of view.'

'I learned the 'wa', and 'qua' phoneme/graphemes.'

'I made a Valentine's card.'

'I learned about some of the artefacts used during 'The Great Fire of London.'

'I learned how to play the glockenspiel.'

'I learned how to draw a pictogram.'