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Term 5

Week 5

Week ending 20.5.22


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 x table and corresponding division facts.'

'I wrote a non-fiction report about the snow leopard cubs and why they are on the vulnerable list.'

'I learned about the Shahadah. This is part of a prayer that Muslims say when a baby is born.'

'I drew a map of our local habitat.'

'I learned to draw insects by observing them with a magnifying lens.'

'I learned about capacity.'

'I estimated how many cups it would take to fill a litre jug.'

'I learned to read a scale in millilitres.'

'I learned to halve a shape.'

I learned to find half of a number.'

'I learned to quarter a shape.'

'I learned to find quarter of a number.'

'I learned to shade three-quarters of a shape.'

'I learned that two quarters is the same as half.'