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Term 5

The butterflies have all hatched and have  been fluttering around. I let them fly away today in the garden. I set them free next to a bush that attracts lots of bees and butterflies so I'm sure they'll have lots of nectar to eat.

Term 6

Our learning in Term 6 will be all about water. We will be looking at rock pools, lighthouses, sea creatures, pirates, Noah, and the water cycle. Have a lovely half term. Online learning will continue on the 1st June for Acorn Class. 

Wow Edith, that's some fantastic writing. It's lovely to see what you are up to, and a great idea to be writing letters to each other. Julian those radishes look amazing smiley
The caterpillars have now changed into their cocoons or chrysalis. They are now in their new home. I wonder if anyone can find out the word that means the change that takes place. What are they going to be?
Ooooooh! look whats happened. I wonder what they are doing? Does anyone know?
Wow! The caterpillars are getting big now. I hope they haven't been eating my biscuits!

Term 5 Week 5

Hello again Acorns, I hope you are well and trying to do some of our online learning.

This week our learning continues the theme of growing and plants, but has a look at seed dispersal.



Listen to the story and discuss what happened to the flowers. Write a sentence either on the white board or on the sheet if you can print it out.

Gather some dandelion ‘clocks’ and blow them to watch the seeds fly away.


Counting in 2s – use socks or shoes to get the idea across. Sort a pile of socks, peg them up and count them in 2s. Try to do the missing 2s on the sheet.


oe  o_e and ie i_e. Try to write these in words and sentences. Play some of the online games with these sounds in.

Play bingo with the tricky words and obb and bob with cvc / ccvc / cvcc words

ICT games – pirate full circle

Yes / no questions - captions

Handwriting k, l, m, n, o, have a look at the clip showing how letters should be formed.
It is caterpillars. We can watch them grow. I wonder what they will do next?
I had a package delivered today. I wonder what it is? It says fragile on the box so I had better be careful when I open it. I'll show you tomorrow.
I love your growing sequence Edith and fabulous doubling. 
Happy Birthday Ava, it looks like you had a lovely time.
Wow Julian! your own family sports day. It looks great fun. Super planting and symmetry as well. You have been busy!
Wow! Esmay and Layla I want to come to your party.

Term 5 Week 4

Hello again lovely Acorns.

It has been great to see what some of you have been doing please do send me some pictures and I can share them online.

This week is all about what plants need to grow. We would be planting seeds and waiting for them to germinate.

If you can get hold of some bean seeds and a pot that would be great.

English topic

Have a look at an online clip of a seed germinating, have a go at writing the order. Write a list of what plants need, water, food, soil, light, heat. Maybe do an experiment, plant a few seeds and put one in a cupboard, one in the fridge, and one in ideal conditions, see what happens.


This week is doubling, use the ladybird sheet, draw dots on one side and then double on the other side. Use the big ladybird and cut out some spots to do this physically.

Remember to keep counting – 1 to 20, further if you can, but we really need to consolidate and be confident to 20.


Phonics might be a bit tricky this week. If you can, have a go. If its too tricky work on the ch, sh, th, ng, sounds play some online games, try to write some words with these sounds in.

chip, ship, thin, song, chop, shed, think, sing.

hay, day, paint, gain, cake, lane

Practise tricky words that you can’t sound out, use the flash card you have, play bingo, and try to write down a couple a day.

Try to write down another letter every day f, g, h, i, j

Do keep sending me your lovely things. I will put as many as I can on here for you all to see smiley
Wow Isaac! What fabulous things you are doing at home. The dinosaurs look such fun and I love your butterfly. I hope your slugs in your container are doing well. I have never tried keeping slugs, only snails but I'm sure they are lovely and they won't be eating the garden flowers will they?
Wow! Flynn what an amazing symmetrical butterfly. All those fantastic colours. I'd love to see any body else's. Remember try to keep all of your lovely things together so Miss Knight and myself can enjoy them when we see you again.
Wow! its so lovely to see what you are doing at home. I love your symmetrical butterfly Edith and what a lovely picture. The swing looks fun, I'd love to have a go. You look busy Julian, well done ordering the frog life cycle, its lovely to see all of your maths too, and your busy work in your garden. If you have sent me any pictures I'll try to put them on here, sometimes they are tricky to download.

Term 5 Week 3

Hi lovely Acorns, I hoped you like seeing my funny face. I miss all of yours. I hope you are all keeping well and getting a few things done. If you want to email me some pictures of what you are doing at home it would be lovely to see them. I can put a few thing on the website so that you can all see what each other is doing.


English and Knowledge of the World

Our learning this week is carrying on with life cycles. This week we are looking at the life cycle of the butterfly. Have a look on line. Read ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ Have a go at the life cycle sheet and try to write down the order. Have a look outside, can you count how many butterflies you see in 10 minutes. What flowers do they like? What colours are they?

Can you practise your handwriting this week, start with a and do a letter each day.

Monday - a

Tuesday - b

Wednesday - c

Thursday - d

Friday - e

All of the children have gone through all of the letters in school writing them correctly. It is not easy for some children but good to have a go. Try on your little whiteboards. Do lots of the same letter a few times trying not to take your pen off as you write.

Have a play of Playdough disco if you have any. This really helps to strengthen little fingers.


Linking in with butterflies, look at the patterns on a butterfly. They are symmetrical. Each side is a mirror image of the other. What else can you find that is symmetrical? Go on a symmetry hunt. Have a look at the Power Point, can you make a symmetrical butterfly painting. This is great fun and can produce some lovely results. I would love to see your pictures. Put them in your scrapbooks with a little note of what you did.

Don’t forget to carry on counting, 1-20, recognising those numbers, putting them in the correct order. Counting out objects to match a number.


Try to go through all of the sounds this week. Read the tricky words. Have a look at the new ones. Write out some bingo cards including the words.

Read and answer the yes no questions – they are all phonetically decodable and are quite fun and silly.


Can you roll a ball? can you bounce a ball?, try different sizes. Can you hop like a frog and flutter like a butterfly?

A message from Ms Waters

Still image for this video

Term 5 Week 2

Hello Lovely Acorns.

This week we would be learning about the life cycle of the frog. If you can go for a walk and find some frogspawn have a look at it, it’s fascinating stuff. If not have a look online, there are lots of good clips of what happens and how the tadpoles hatch and grow.

Do let me know how you are managing with the content of what I am putting on here.

It is very much a dip in and out of, and to do what you can. If you have any problems you can always email me.


Any phonics or counting is better than none and a bit of handwriting practice is great as well.


Remember that children all learn at different rates and if some is too easy or too hard do a little less of a bit more.

Consolidation at this age is key and there is quite a lot of repetition to embed the learning. Doing similar things but in slightly different ways is what we are aiming for.


 I have given you a cut and stick to order of the life cycle and a sheet to try to write the sequence in the right order. If you have a go at writing, try to remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


This week it is 3D shape. Have a look at any boxes or toys you may have, what shape are they. What shape is a ball, a box, a tin can, an ice cream cone?  Maybe make a collection and photograph it, or make a model out of all of your collected boxes and then photograph that.

Don’t forget to carry on counting. 1 to 20, write them down, do some more missing numbers. Start to count from a number other than 1, ie, 5,6,7,8,9,10.


A new sound this week. It’s a bit of a tricky one. ure  as in the words cure, or pure, try to say a few, it is quite tricky.

The word pure has 4 letters but only 2 sounds.

Play the NSEW game write some sounds down and run to them in the garden.

I’ve put the tricky words on the PP have a go at reading them. Maybe make some bingo cards and have a game of bingo, this is a great way of identifying words and then reading them.

Write the words down for the pictures, think of some more.

Read the sentences, think of some more sentences with CVC, CVCC, CCVC words in.


Try some ball skills, can you throw and catch a ball, can you hit a target, can you dribble around some objects using your hands, then your feet. Use a tennis ball or a football or a golf ball, change it and use whatever you have. What shape is a ball? Try to link what you are doing.


Creative Time

Can you draw a frog?

One for the brave ….  Add some washing up liquid to paint and use a straw to blow bubbles in it, hold a piece of paper over the top to print, them draw you frog on the top when its dry. ( looks a bit like frogspawn)


Most of all


Term 5 Week 1

Hello lovely Acorns, I hope you are all keeping well.

This week we would be looking at seasons, particularly Spring.

Talk about what happens in each season and what is happening now. Longer days, warmer weather plants growing, birds nesting and lambs in the fields. 


Go on a spring walk, what can you see. Draw a picture and write a sentence.

I can see a lamb. It has white fluffy wool.

Use the sheets if you can print them.



We have learnt many of the sounds we need to know in reception. We now need to become comfortable using them. We are working within Letters and Sounds Phase 4 which are lots of CCVC and CVCC words.

Have alook at the PP BlockBusters you need to be quite careful when clicking on the line. It might bring back a few memories parents!

Also Play games such as Poop Deck Pirates, Burried Treasure and Obb and Bob. You can set them  to CVCC / CCVC words. some words are fake words but they can still be sounded out and read. This really checks that the children know their sounds.

North, South, East, West - if you write  some sounds on paper/card and place them around the garden - can your child run to the sound you say? Good for identifying sounds if your child is not quite blending.


Maths is the area we would be having a lot of focus on this term.

This week number order.

Counting to 10 and then 20. Write down a sequence of numbers missing a few out 1_3 4 _ 6 7 _ _ 10. Use cards if you have them, put them in the correct order. 

Top Marks and ICT Games have some nice number order games. 



A lot of what we do in school is about developing children to become good citizens  and know how to treat other people.

Have a little think about friendship and what makes a good friend. Can they draw a picture of their friends? Pop it in your scrap book if you have one.

Hi Acorns

Hope you are all well.

Just a thought. If you are doing some lovely things at home, rather than recording it in a learning log a nice idea might be to make a kind of a scrapbook. This would be way more creative for the children, they could help you by adding pictures and stick in things they have done or photos of them doing activities. Something like this would add to what we do in school and be an amazing record for them to keep of these strange times.

I've put a few examples together, they don't have to be a work of art, but they could be really useful.

Thank you.

Please have a look at the document below. It outlines what we would be covering next term.


The weeks themes would have been as follows

Week 1 Spring

Week 2 Frogs

Week 3 Butterflies

Week 4 Growing seeds

Week 5 Beans

Week 6 Seed dispersal

If you can get out have a look at nature. Lots of out school work would have been related to this anyway.