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Term 2


Week 5

Week ending 4.12.20


An exciting week!  

The Christmas decorations have gone up, we've been practising our Nativity songs and putting actions to them and we have started filming The Nativity 2020!


What have we learned this week?


'I have learned to read and spell some common exception words.'

'I have learned my 2 x table'.

'I have learned that division is the opposite of multiplication.'

'I have learned that doubling is the opposite of halving.'

'I have learned that x2 is the same as doubling.'

'I have learned that dividing by two is the same as halving.'

'I have learned that you cannot share an even number between an odd number.'

'I have learned that if you have something left over when you are sharing equally, it is called a remainder.'

'I have learned about The Rule of Three.'

'I have learned to put commas  in lists and 'and' between the last two items.'

'I have written Rules of Three descriptions about foxes.'

'I have designed a poster for the website.'

'I am designing a Mexican mask.'