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WC 01.01.24

Happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3.  

On Wednesday we calculated square numbers in maths, ensuring that we were multiplying the number by itself, and using a grid method for the larger numbers. On Thursday and Friday we started to look at angles and the types of angles we would find within shapes. We learnt the key features of different angles and in turn how to identify them. In english, we wrote a recount about our Christmas holidays.  We ensured they were interesting and used effective language.  We wrote about all the lovely things we enjoyed, as well included some parts of the holidays that weren't so great or were funny!  We started gymnastic in PE, using balancing skills on the beams.  In music we listened to and appraised a song called Stop.  We discovered it's music style is Grime, and then we joined in with performing it. In topic this week we started our new topic Invaders and Settlers focusing on the Anglo Saxons. We explored the history of The UK and were the Anglo Saxons fit in within our big timeline that went across the classroom. In RE we moved on to The Gospel and discovered that Gospel means good news. We all had to think about the things that matter most to us in life and how we would feel if we were asked to give them up, just as the disciples did for Jesus. 

Have a lovely weekend, and see you next week

Mrs Hall and Miss Laslett