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Thursday 27th January


As we still have a lot of you at home sick or isolating I have added some more work for you to do at home so you can keep up with what we are doing at school.

Today we have done maths and RE and the work is below. Tomorrow Mr File will be in Oak class and you will be making the device holders you designed last week in class. If you want to complete them at home you can bring them in when you return to school.


I hope everyone feels better and Oak class will be complete again soon!

Mrs Short



Converting between units of measure.

Please look at the powerpoint up to slide 11 and then complete the worksheet for your group.


This week we are learning about the fifth Pillar of Islam- Hajj (pilgrimage). Please use the powerpoint and the clips at the end to help you complete the task.

Hello Oak Class,

I'm really sorry so many of you are off sick this week so I have added so me work for you to do to catch up! Just try and do what you can. I hope you all feel better soon!


This is the science we are doing today- look at the powerpoint and either print off or complete the worksheet on some paper.


Look at the modal verbs powerpoint and then try the worksheet.


We have been revising all the work we have done on 2D and 3D shapes. Use the two powerpoints to help you remember what we have been learning. you will do the assess emt test when you return to school.


We are learning about the global community- choose a country you are interested in and design an information poster about the country including key facts such as: capital city, population, map, flag, traditional food, geographical features, native wildlife, tourist attractions and anything else you can think of. 

You can complete your poster on the computer or by hand. 

Make sure you bring them in to school when you return.