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Term 6

Term 6

Week 1

Week ending 7.6.19


Welcome back to Willow Class!


We dressed up, on Friday,  as our favourite wild animal for 'Wear it Wild Day' in aid of WWF.


Next Tuesday, we are going on a walk around the village with Mrs. Cooper as part of our Geography topic: 'Our local environment'.


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I learned the 'al' ending.'

'I learned to read scales counting in one, twos, fives and tens.'

'I learned to find missing numbers in scales.'

'I learned to write a poem with the possessive apostrophe.'

'I learned to write sentences with words with the suffixes 'ment' and 'ness'.

'I learned that Muslims whisper the Sharadah to new born babies.'

'I learned about the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims write PBUH after his name, which means Peace Be Upon Him.

'I learned the story of Muhammad and the cat.'

'I investigated adding odd and even numbers.'

'I investigated subtracting odd and even numbers.'

'I investigated multiplying odd and even numbers.'

'I learned about the habitat of the snow leopard.'


Star of the Week: Libby for a super effort with her spelling and writing.










Term 6

Week 2

Week ending 14.6.19


What an interesting week we have had!


On Tuesday we went for a walk around Elham, led by Mrs. Cooper.  She showed us my many fascinating dwellings and told us really interesting facts about them.  The children have written lovely 'Thank you' letter to her. 


We noticed on Thursday that the date, 13.6.19 was interesting because it was like an addition number sentence.


To all our lovely Dads and Grandads: ' Happy Fathers' Day' for Sunday!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned my 2 x table.'

'I learned the 'ear' phoneme/grapheme.

'I learned to use an apostrophe for contraction.'

'I wrote a 'Thank you ' letter to Mrs. Cooper.'

'I worked out height problems and ordered lengths using <,> and =.

'I worked out the missing number from a number sentence, so that both sides of the calculation balanced.'

' I made a Fathers' day card.'

'I drew a portrait of my Dad, by using the skills I had learned from Leonardo Da Vinci.'

'I 'Hot Seated' a character from 'Wriggly Squiggly.'

' I wrote a character profile for a character from 'Wriggly Squiggly.'

'I learned to sequence the story of 'Wriggly Squiggly' on a Story Map.'


Term 6

Week 3

Week ending 21.6.19


What a lovely day we had on Saturday for the Summer Fayre!  It was lovely to see so many children and their families on such a glorious day!  The Sand Art stall proved to be very popular again - some children have lost count of how many works of art they have made over the years!  

We are really looking forward to our outing to Wingham Wildlife Park on Tuesday!  It gives the weather forecast of being very hot and humid, so don't forget to bring plenty of water and put on sun screen before we go.


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 10 x table.'

'I can see the pattern and multiply any number by ten.'

'I learned where to put the apostrophe in contractions.'

'I learned the 'are' 'ear' phoneme/grapheme.'

'I learned to solve word problems.'

'I learned to do a Hot Task, writing the story of Wriggly Squiggly.'

' I learned about 'Mrs. Nerg', which helps me learn what all living things can do: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction and Growth.'

'I learned to write about a habitat. I was an Estate Agent, selling it to an animal!'

'I made a mobile in Forest School.'

'I learned the countries of the UK and their capital cities.'

Term 6

Week ending 28.6.19

Week 4


We had a lovely day on Tuesday, when we went to Wingham Wildlife Park!  We saw a vast array of animals and were lucky enough to see the monkeys, otters and penguins being fed!.  The children learned a lot and were impeccably behaved - a credit to the school!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 x table.'

'I learned to use an apostrophe in contractions.'

'I learned to write a recount of our trip to Wingham Wildlife Park.'

'I learned about the parable of The Prodigal Son.'

'I wrote a prayer about faithfulness.'

'I learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.'




Star of the Week:  Mae for a continued high standard of work and being a good friend.

Term 6

Week 5

Week ending 5.7.19


What an amazing week of sport we have had!

On Monday, we raced Go-karts around the playground and had a mini football tournament.

On Tuesday, we raced scooters around the track,  and played Diamond Cricket and had a Dodgeball tournament.

On Wednesday, we had a Tug-of-War tournament,  had a basketball shooting game and took part in Wacky Olympics.

Thursday was a rest day, when we had a class swap in the afternoon;  it was a pleasure to meet my new Willow Class- they have a lot to live up to!  In Assembly we met the teachers from Make Time for Music and listened to Elias playing his guitar and Immy and Beanie playing the piano - what a talented trio!

On Friday we all turned into beautiful butterflies!  No, not really! ( a little literary joke!).  It was Sports' Day and the children were magnificent.  How lovely to run traditional games such as egg and spoon and the sack race, alongside  archery and Go-Karting, concluding with running races.  Many thanks to High 5 ( and Felicity Strover) for arranging such an inspirational week, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Jack, one of the coaches was very complimentary about Willow Class, saying he had never had such a nice, sporting class before!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned to write in pen.'

'I learned my 2x table.'

'I learned how to do running stitch.'

'I learned how to do cross stitch.'

'I learned about the life-cycle of the butterfly!'

'I learned the 'tch' and 'ture' phoneme/grapheme.


Week 6

Week ending 12.7.19


Next week, I will be teaching the third in the series of SRE lessons.  There will be no Forest School on Monday as we will be watching the KS2 performance of 'Bugsy Malone.'


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 2x table.'

'I learned the prefixes, 'un' and 'dis'.

'I learned different graphemes for the phoneme 'or'.

'I learned about the life cycle of a frog.'

'I learned to identify some british birds.'

'I learned the names of the continents.'

'I learned the names of the oceans.'

'I learned how to do cross stitch.'

'I learned how to solve money problems.'

'I learned how to sign 'This is me' from The Greatest Showman.'

'I learned to sign 'I'm on my way' by The Proclaimers.'

'I learned how to make a snail out of clay.'