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Friday 25th September 2020


Hello Everyone!


Well, it seems that autumn has definitely arrived this week - the temperature has plummeted and we have been dodging some really heavy showers for the last few days. However, with the rain and sunshine come the rainbows, so it's not all bad, and autumn is a lovely time of year for collecting conkers and curling up in front of a real fire with a lovely hot drink.


We have been busy working hard again this week. Some of our favourite lessons this week have been:


  • Maths - we have been learning how to use protractors accurately and finished our learning on Friday by drawing rocket shops. It was great fun!
  • RE - as part of our work on creation we watched videos about The Big Bang. We ere amazed at how the universe was created and how little time humans have been around. We had lots of questions which couldn't be answered such as 'Who made the Big Bang?' and 'Is there life anywhere else in the universe?'
  • PSHE - Mrs Short gave us each a paper penny and asked us to write a negative thought on them. Those of us that wanted to shared theirs with the class and then we learnt how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones and how to cope when life is a bit difficult. Unsurprisingly, our biggest worry at the moment is the Kent Test!
  • Science - this was very interesting this week as we have been investigating the traits that we have inherited from our parents.
  • PE - we are really enjoying our PE at the moment. We are playing lots of different games and improving our general fitness.
  • P4C - we learnt that P4C stands for Philosophy For Children and that it can be used to make us think about things in a different way. This week we looked at some pictures of pollen and sand which had been highly magnified and we had to discuss what we thought they were and explain why. It was a really fun lesson and we are looking forward to our next one.


As it normal now, we finished our week with our whole-school Zoom assembly hosted by Mr File.  Well done to those members of Oak Class who were mentioned for their super work this week:


Sarah and Ryan for excellent drawing skills using a protractor. Look below to see the task the whole class did so well today. Everyone managed the first rocket and some even completed the second picture of a spaceship too. Excellent work everyone!


Also this week, four members of the class (Jack, Joanna, Lillie and Scarlett) all moved up a group in their spellings. Supper work all of you! How many more might we see move up next week?


Well, that's enough news from Oak Class for this week.  Have a super weekend everyone.


Best wishes


Mrs Short and Mrs Godden


This week's spellings (words ending in -cial or -tial)