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Star of the Week

This weeks Star of the Week is Jess. You are such an enthusiastic learner and always try your best. You are kind and caring and super helpful too! Well done Jess. 

Table of the Week

Pandas are this weeks Table of the Week. Don't forget your show and tell next week. 


The children have been looking carefully at the natural objects we collected on Monday. They then mixed colours to match what they could see thinking about how to lighten and darken tones by adding more or less paint or water. They choose several painting tools to discover which recreated the texture the best. 


In RE today the children thought about the following question: If someone believes God made the world, what might they say to the creator? We had such a fabulous discussion and so many thoughful answers (and questions) came from this. We then made the connection between Christian ideas of God as the Creator and the importance for everyone of being grateful for what we have. The children had a grape each and before they ate it quickly they had to think about how the fruit grew. They held the grape, stroked it, sniffed it. They then put the grpae in their mouths to feel their teeth and tongue on the grape before biting it and feeling the juice spurt. We then talked about the experience and how we felt. 


In Art today we have been talking about colour and texture. The children were shown a variety of images of natural objects and then discussed what they could see describing in detail the colour and texture. We then went on a texture hunt outside to collect different natural objects with interesting surfaces. Later in the week the children will recreate some of the textures of these objects using paint. 


The children had great fun in PE today practising their lacrosse skills!


The children worked so hard to create these AMAZING Willow Pattern Plates!